Submitting Your Draft. . .

Hi all.. . the time grows near . . .to begin thinking about . . .yes, you must think about . . Submitting Your Drafts!

As we are now getting ever closer to our deadline of 23rd September we thought we'd put up the details of what you need to do to submit your stories and art.


Send your completed story to the following email address:

Please use the following naming convention for the file:


We're expecting that your draft is complete at this point, though you can definitely tweak before your posting date.


Please send the rough draft of your art to the same addresses above. It's not necessary to have completed art by this point (though that would be lovely) but we would like to know that you're on the way to finishing.

Writers and Artists

Since our next step is to create the posting schedule, please let us know if there are any dates that we should absolutely avoid giving you.

We want to make sure everyone has a date they're comfortable with, and one on which they can easily get their story or art up.

We’ll do our best to accommodate any requests, but we’d like everyone to appreciate that we're aiming to spread the stories out as evenly as possible throughout the month.

Next steps

Once we have everyone's stories and art, we will be putting together the posting schedule. And when that's done, we'll be emailing everyone their posting date, along with details of how to create a post at ci5_boxoftricks with links to whichever location you’ve chosen to post your story and art to (LJ, Dreamwidth, The Automated Hatstand, AO3, etc).

Drop us a line at the address above if you have any questions or issues.

Thanks once again to everyone for participating. We can't wait to see everyone's contributions to the challenge.

The Big Bang collection at AO3

What with October just around the corner, it's time to say a few words about the collection at AO3. These will be much the same words that we have said in previous years.

You are not required to post your story/art to AO3, but we encourage you to do so. It lets us have a central location for all of the Big Bang fanworks, and also, as you probably know, all stories are easily downloadable in e-reader friendly formats; this is particularly nice for your fellow fen with health issues or those who just plain love their e-readers.

The collection for the current year is Pros Big Bang 2021. (Previous years' collections are accessible here.)

sineala wrote up a little guide for how to post to AO3 for the Big Bang; the same directions apply,

A couple of reminders:

1. In case anyone still doesn't have an AO3 account who wants one, let us know; we still have invite codes. Alternatively, the wait time for invites is currently under 24 hours.

2. If you have stories/art from previous years that you have not yet posted to the AO3, we have left the previous collections open for exactly this reason. Feel free to add your Big Bang story or art to the appropriate year's collection.

3. If you are planning to post in HTML rather than Rich Text, and (a) you are reasonably conversant with the features of your word processor and (b) that word processor is OpenOffice (it's free!), it may interest you to know that Astolat has a set of OpenOffice macros for formatting italics/bold/etc and turning your story into HTML suitable for copying into a LJ or AO3 post.

Happy posting! Let us know if you have any questions and we will attempt to confuse you further, ah, I mean help, of course! =0

Weekly Check In Post

Hello one and all and welcome to another weekly check in post. Hopefully, everything should be starting to come together now, you guys, as there’s just over a month to go to the finish line!

As always, us your friendly mod team are here to lend a listening ear if you’ve any problems or questions, in the meantime, we wish you well and can’t WAIT so see all your lovely works!

Go writers! Go Artists! Go Bodie! Go Doyle!

Weekly check in post with info :)

Weekly Check-in Post

Well, folks, that dreaded moment is quickly approaching -- we're a little over a month out, omigodI'mnowhereneardone and it's time to go over what happens in that month. This is not under a cut because it's all important.

So here we go:

I. The Deadlines

Friday 23rd September

Writer's final draft is due
While you'll still have a few days to tweak and polish, we'd like the writers to have complete, finished stories by this point.

Artist's rough draft is due
As the artists have less time to work on this than the writers, we only need to see a rough draft of their art at this point. What we're looking for is an indication that the artist is on track to finish in time for their posting date.

Artists and writers should all send their drafts to the friendly mods. [who really haven't pulled all their hair out yet] Further information about sending us these drafts will be posted closer to the deadline.

Tuesday 27th September

The posting schedule is sent out to artists and writers.

Saturday 1st October

Posting begins. Woot Woot Woot *\\\\o////*

II. What You Will Be Posting


In a publicly accessible location of your choosing: your story.
You may post in your own LJ, in an LJ you create specifically for this purpose, in an archive, like AO3, or on a website.

We only require that the story is publicly accessible, and that you do not post your story before your assigned posting date.

In the ci5 Box of Tricks LJ: a post with a link to your story.
We'll be supplying templates for what your posts should look like nearer to the posting dates.


In a publicly accessible location of your choosing: the art for your claimed story, with any commentary you'd like.
You may post in your own LJ, in an LJ you create specifically for this purpose, in an archive, like AO3, or on a website.

We only require that the art is publicly accessible, and that you do not post your art before your assigned posting date.

In the ci5 Box of Tricks LJ: a post with a link to your artist's post.
We'll be supplying templates for what your posts should look like nearer to the posting dates.

Writers and artists

Just a quick reminder that like last year both writers and artists will be making their own master posts to ci5 Box of Tricks. But of course, as in previous years, writers and artists who would like the art included within the story should feel free to arrange to do so.

III. Some extra reminders / notes

We'll be supplying templates for what your posts should look like nearer to the posting dates.

We will also be asking you about any dates in October when you would not be able to post so put your thinking caps on.

If posting in LJ, there is a limit of 65,000 characters per post. This generally works out to an average of 8,000 to 10,000 words.

A new 2021Pros Big Bang Collection has been made available at  Pros Big Bang at AO3 . To be clear you are not required to post your story / art at AO3 but if you are interested in posting at AO3 we still have some invite codes left so drop us a line if you would like one.

And we ask that both artists and writers do not cross-post their stories and art to any other community before the end of October.

IV. And finally

As always if you have any questions, drop us a comment or an email (the address is and watch out at the comm for future posts.


Weekly Check in Post

Hello writers and artists. We hope you’ve all had the chance to meet your new partners in crime and have got some lovely ideas developing for this years BB.

It’s always my favourite part of the process when the art gets underway.

As always, if you have any problems, ideas, moans or are just after a little advice or support, we’re only an email away, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need to.

Have a great time writing and illustrating!

Weekly Check-in and a reminder about our AO3 collections

Hi there to our writers, artists and vidders. Now that you've been matched hopefully you've been in contact with each other. Best wishes to you all in producing your finished product for our big reveal. :-)

Speaking of reveals - if you post your work to the Archive of Our Own, you can join it up to our Box of Tricks Collection. This year's collection has been set up, ready for later, and if you'd like to bookmark that, feel free. It's not obligatory, but it's handy-dandy way of making sure that your fanworks are easily found and related to the bigger picture too.

Pros Big Bang at AO3

If you'd like to add your story/art for prior Pros Big Bangs to previous years’ collections please feel free - the more the merrier. Just open your story in edit and scroll down to the “associations section.” Where it says “post to collections/challenges” enter one of Pros_Big_Bang_years, depending on which year’s collection you’re adding your story to. Don't forget to click the save option for your changes.

If you want to let us know about your progress - well, this is the check-in post.

2021 Artists Assignments and Authors Summary ID Big Reveal

The mods of the 2021 Big Bang are extremely pleased to announce the writers' and artists' match ups! I am so excited!

Writers, you will receive an email with the contact details of your artist.

Artists, you will receive an email with your writer's info and their rough draft.

If you haven't had an email by the end of the week, please let us know by emailing us at Also if you see any mistakes in this list, drop us a line. Thanks to everybody!

 1. Untitled by Creidne __________ art by  sweetymutant

Canon divergent story set immediately after the episode, “Involvement.” It’s
been a rough fortnight since Doyle’s whirlwind fiancée left him. Cowley has been keeping the team too busy to allow Doyle to dwell on much of anything other than CI5 ops. With 48 hours off the active roster, Bodie shows up at his partner’s flat to sort Doyle out, hoping their on-again-off-
again relationship will be on again. Ann was unable to escape the clutches of the family drug smuggling business before leaving London and there’s been bloodshed. With her life in danger, Ann shows up to Doyle’s flat the morning after Bodie reconciles with his partner. She is neither
blind nor stupid, but is desperate enough to demand protection under her terms. Ann proposes pretending to resurrect their relationship to solve two problems... keep herself safe until she can start a new life, while keeping the true depth of Bodie and Doyle’s relationship secret. Cowley is
willing to take advantage of Ann’s return to catch the Christmas Man’s remaining associates.

Notes: Bodie/Doyle. Past Ann Holly/ Ray Doyle. Explicit. Internalized homophobia. Canon divergent set after episode, “Involvement”. Established dysfunctional, co-dependant relationship. Intent to treat the character of Ann with respect.

 2. Traitors in our Midst by dawnbeth  _______ art by tin turtle

Doyle has been accused of being a traitor. He doesn’t know by whom or why—but he’s been literally stabbed in the back and is on the run, leaving Bodie behind to investigate the mess. Will they ever see each other again?

 3. He Comes Bearing Gifts by Donato ______________ art by  brune

Bodie takes Doyle to an out of the way pub where over several drinks they finally open up about their feelings for one another and come to terms with aspects of their lives. Just when Doyle thinks he’s got everything sorted, Bodie throws him a curve ball and his life will never be the same again.

 4. John Coogan is not the only villain with a grudge against Doyle....  by Fiorenza_a ________ art by  boothros
(Not slash – but explicit chapters depicting non-consensual homo-sadism)

5. He Never Thought of Himself A Coward But…by Herlech1000  ______________ art by banbury

Bodie heads off on a personal crusade and tells himself that because its personal its nothing to do with Doyle and there is no reason for Doyle to be involved at all. The crusade turns into Covert Op and over runs the time it was expected to take to complete. Unfortunately, due to crappy timing on
his part and an emergency call out on Doyle’s side, their reunion does not go as Bodie planned.

Faced with the prospect of losing Doyle not only as his Ci5 partner but as his lover, Bodie has to first find the courage to admit to himself how much he cares about his stubborn awkward as hell partner. Then find the right way to go about asking for Doyle’s forgiveness - hoping Doyle will let him put it right for both their sakes. All the time aware that, driven by his own fears, his own actions have led him to unintentionally betray Doyle’s trust, Bodie knows he’ll be lucky to get a second chance with Doyle but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

 6. Smoke and Mirrors by   marjorammax______ art by Fiorenza

Information is being leaked from the Ministry of Defence and getting into Russian hands, and CI5 is brought in to trace, and stop, the leaks. The most likely culprit is a Minister whose mistress just so happens to have an ex-husband who is a lecturer in Russian studies. Bodie and Doyle find themselves undercover as the landlord and chef of a Cotswold’s pub, keeping an eye on the mistress and her errant lover whilst trying to catch them in the act of passing on secrets. Running a pub is a dream assignment for the two CI5 agents and it’s a simple obbo, so what could possibly go wrong?
Note: Gen

 7. A Fist Full of Smoke by merentha 13______ art by macklin girl

Post “Take Away”
Following up a lead from a grass, despite reservations from his partner, Doyle finds himself held captive by a local drug gang with a surprising connection. It’s left to Bodie to clean up the mess.

8. The Eyes of Horus by LilyK ________ art by SC Fossil

(slash, established relationship)

The Eyes of Horus is a present day, same age as canon case story. Bodie is set up to take a fall. It is based on the television series, The Capture. No knowledge of that series is necessary to read this story.

9. Treasured Magic by krisser  __________ art by krisserci5

Story three in the CI5 Thaumaturgy Series
Will Bodie's training be enough to face the upcoming war?

The Pros BB 2021 Artists Claiming Post

For our artists, now is when you get to claim the story you'd like to work on for the Big Bang and here's how.

First click on the cut and read the story summaries. Not all the summaries have titles but they are all numbered.

Then please comment to the post and let us know the following:

1. Your email address

2. Your top four story choices in order of preference

3. If you would be happy to provide art for a second story as this year we
have more writers than artists.

4. If you are willing to pinch-hit if another artist unexpectedly has to pull out.

While you will only be working on one or two stories, giving us your top four choices will hopefully minimize the odds of our having to re-contact you as we work through the comments matching artists with stories.

The comments on this post are screened, so your mods are the only ones who will see them. If you have any questions, you can let us know via comment.

We will send you the rough draft of your story selection and your writer's email addie ASAP.

So, here's the form:

First Story Choice:
Second Story Choice:
Third Story Choice:
Fourth Story Choice:
Willing to take a second story?:
Willing to pinch hit?:

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