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20 April 2018 @ 03:39 am
Well, it's certainly been fun on this end... Doggie drama abounded (he somehow scratched his cornea, and it went downhill from there). But he's back home, cone and all, and beyond getting over the sedative, because he does not like eye drops :-( he's doing okay.

So, without further ado, it's time for the Rough draft requirements reminder :cue dramatic music:

As we are now getting to the midway point before the rough draft deadline on the 1st of July we thought this was a good time to post a reminder of the rough draft requirements.

I. A minimum word count of 6,600 words.
We're not going to be totally tyrannical about this. If you're only at 4,000 words, but it's clear you're well on the way to finishing, that works for us. But if you're only at 1,000 words, we have a problem. Talk to us and let us know how you are getting on. We don’t bite - hard. (At least most of the mods don't.)

II. A reasonably complete outline of any unfinished scenes
The outline can be as complete (massively detailed descriptions of every remaining incident in the story) or as brief ("insert sex scene here") as you like.

III. A reasonable confidence that you will be able to finish the whole story (10,000 word minimum) by the September 23rd deadline.
This last bit is the most important. Since it gets handed to an artist at this point, we'd like for the artist not to work on something that isn't going to get done.

IV. A short paragraph length summary/blurb that can be posted publicly on the comm for the artists to claim from.
This should give a good flavour of the story, but doesn't have to give everything away. You can see what people wrote for the last few years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

Please also include a warning if one applies (e.g. for subjects like death, rape or underage sex) or, if the story needs a warning but you are worried about spoilers, you can let us know that you choose not to warn.

Lastly you don’t need a title at this point, we all know that sometimes this can be the very last thing that you write :D.

We will be putting a post up in June detailing how to send us your rough draft and summary so please look out for that.

Finally, as always, if you have any questions about anything please get in touch by emailing the mods at prosbigbangtwo@gmail.com.
11 April 2018 @ 01:24 am
Well, folks. . . .yes, it's time to take stock and count the words. . .then quickly place your mug or glass on the nearest table before you scream and throw the laptop on the carpet(you don't want it to be permanently damaged).

I am with you. . . so feel free to complain, commiserate or cheer about your progress.

Come on, share away!!

Hi BB'ers, here's hoping you're doing like Doyle and burning the midnight oil, those lovely stories won't write themselves you know!
I'm secretly envious of you all as there's nothing quite as special as having a Big Bang story underway so consider yourselves very lucky people doing a very GOOD THING and we take our hats off to you all.
Don't forget to give us all a shout, whether it's for a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on, we are your humble servants xx
28 March 2018 @ 06:26 pm

Right, my lovelies, it's the end of March, so how are those BB stories going?

Are you revelling in the brighter evenings because you have more time to write before having to light the candles?

Have you already started lighting the candles at both ends because there's no chance you're going to finish otherwise?

Or are you thinking of taking a leaf out of Bodie's book and sneaking off under cover of darkness (curse that full moon!) to see what Doyle's up to?

I think we should be told! :-)
21 March 2018 @ 12:04 am
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well, folks. . .are you now positive that you should have your sanity checked??? No, wait. . . you already checked it at the door when you signed up!!

So you are among fellow inmates, ah, no I mean friends. . . so if you need help, or encouragement, or the key to the exit. . . .chime in and share.

We are here. . . .that didn't sound too creepy, did it?
15 March 2018 @ 09:54 pm
'Allo, BBers - Happy Ides of March!

And how is the writing going? Are the lads cooperating? Or is Bodie balking at showing all tht skin in a toga (which loxley_prince definitely will not approve of) and Doyle laughing a deep, dirty laugh to torment him?

Well, pull up a chair and let us know how it's going. Any questions to ask? Comments to pose? Encouragement to ask for? Step right up and let us know - that's what we're here for. :D
07 March 2018 @ 06:49 am
So A Big Thumbs up to all our 2018 writers and betas and cheerleaders! Thank you all for joining in the craziness that is the Big Bang. [Artists - your turn is coming!]

So, have you suddenly realized just what you've signed up for??!!

One thing that has always interested me is how people put together a story. Do you start with a strict outline of the story, do you write it all in order or do you, like me, write ideas as they come on sticky-notes and then try to assemble them all (after you find them all again, of course) on September 23rd?


Anyone want to share their method (or their madness *g*)? We'd love to hear about it.
03 March 2018 @ 09:02 am
Many thanks to all who have entered as writers for this years Big Bang, it’s great to see names both old and new! Here’s the list of though brave souls participating. I’m sure you’ll all join me me congratulating them and wishing them luck!


Now intrepid ones, fire your laptops, sharpen your pencils and crack your knuckles … you may begin!
01 March 2018 @ 01:33 pm
This is your reminder that today is the last day for signing up as a writer for this year's Professionals Big Bang!

If you haven't already signed up, and you'd like to, please leave a comment with the requested information on the signup post.

As always: if you have any questions, email us at prosbigbangtwo@gmail.com looking forward to seeing you there!
21 February 2018 @ 12:12 am
Check-in time again, dear writers, so how's it going? Are you still at the sharpening-pencils stage, or have you progressed to re-arranging-everything-on-your-desk-for-ease-of-access? Have you questioned your sanity several times since you scrawled your name on our dotted line?

Have you romped ahead and already made your font selection (and a list of Useful-Names-For-Original-Characters, just on the off-chance) or are you already *does excited mod dance* well into the writing? Do please let us know, because we'd love to hear from you!

If you've not signed up for the BB yet, there's still time, so if you want to be a writer, a beta, or a cheerleader, we'd love to have you join in! (Artists and vidders, please don't feel neglected - we'll be getting to you soon. :-)

Feel free to chat about what you like :)