Weekly check in post!!!

Hello all!!!

How are we doing????

a) Kicking back - waiting for your beta to do their magic
b) Typing away, pencil between your teeth
c) Cat sat on your laptop, knocked the flashdrive and you lost a day's editing(of the whole story)
d) Dog ate your completed long hand story and you're drowning in your tears (dog in hiding)
e) You keep staring at the committment dates and wonder why your name is on list

Let us know . . . . we really do want to hear :)

Participating Artists and Vidders for the 2021 Pros Big Bang!

The sign up post is now closed, which means we can have the pleasure of confirming all the fabulous artists and vidders taking part in the 2021 Pros Big Bang (listed alphabetically):

The artists who've signed up are:-

Doyle on Canvs
tin turtle

Huge thanks to everyone who has signed up - we are all looking forward to what you'll be coming up with ♥. \~~~/ I be dancing here!!

The next big step for our artists and vidders will be for you to claim your story/stories.

We'll be posting the story summaries from our writers anonymously on July 9, and then the final work will be due on the 23rd September.

Watch out for more information about the claiming process here on the comm as we head towards the end of June.

Weekly Check In Post

Hello one and all and welcome to another weekly check in! I hope this finds you well and working away furiously.

On a personal note, a few weeks ago, I’d all but decided to withdraw for this year and keep my WIP on the go as an entry for 2022. I have however, recently worked out how certain things are going to go and have suddenly fallen in love with writing the story, AT LAST! The only thing against me now will be time. I’m 15000 words into what realistically needs to be a 75000 word work and I’ve no idea if this is something I can achieve before October, no idea at all.

How about you? Are you also looking nervously at the calendar? Without wishing to pile on the pressure of course, I should just give a timely reminder that you have till the end of the month to sign up for Artist and vidder positions. Therefore, for the gluttens of punishment who write AND draw, get yourselves signed up! For the Picasso’s amongst us who don’t write but DO draw, get yourselves signed up! And for those that have never participated but fancy a little go at it, get yourselves signed up! What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Join in with the CI5 Box of Tricks Big Bang they said… It will be fun they said…
And it is, it really IS, honestly…xx
Pros - Marge!

Pros BB Weekly Check-In / Artists + Vidders Reminder Post

So, BBers - it's check-in time, once again!

A hearty welcome to the artists / vidders who have signed up so far! If that sentence leaves you wondering, "have I been sheltering-in-place too long? I don't know what she's talking about," then check out the artists / vidders sign-up post; it'll give the official bits on how to do what you might for the lads art-wise. If you yearn to capture the broad expanse of Bodie's chest, or the cheeky curve of Doyle's - well, cheek (your choice which one), then here's your opportunity and a willing audience.

And if you have any questions, come find your friendly neighborhood modsTM. That's what we're here for!

More in general, to writers and artists/vidders alike: how is it going? Are the Bisto Kids seeing eye-to-eye yet? Or is Cowley about to suspend them both so he can pull an Operation Susie on them? (Or is the blank screen of your computer, and the seven earlier tries, mocking you? I raise my hand here.) Come share, and tank up on petrol in the Capri so you can take it out for a(nother) spin.


Artists and Vidders sign ups begin

Artists and Vidders sign ups begin

It's that time! The writers sign-up post has been up for a while, and now it's the turn of all our fabulous artists and vidders.

Please give the rules a read before you sign up so you understand what is expected of you. The mods are excited to see who's joining us for the 2021 Big Bang.

Rules For Artists:

1. You agree to create at least one piece of art or one vid for a Pros Big Bang story.
2. Collaborations between artists are also allowed. Just let us know when you sign up if you are planning on working with a partner.
3. The art may be an original illustration, title banner, photo manip., or whatever else strikes your fancy. The vid may be a reflection of the story or a teaser to entice people to read. Have fun with your project!
4. You’re free to create what you will for the art or vid, but we suggest that you consult with your writer before doing anything too explicit.
5. On your assigned date, you will make a master post for your art at this comm (the mods will provide a template for this post closer to the time). The art itself may be posted to, and linked from, your personal LJ, Dreamwidth, AO3, The Automated Hatstand, etc. Please do not post your artwork anywhere prior to your assigned posting date and please do not cross-post it to any other community before the end of October.
6. If you feel you have the energy and willpower to create artwork for someone else's story, as well as writing your own, then please feel free to sign up as both an artist and as a writer.

Sign ups open on 1st May and close on 31st May.

On 9th July, a list of story summaries will be posted anonymously. You will claim the story that interests you on a first come, first served basis. Once you have successfully claimed a story, we’ll give you the author’s contact information and the rough draft/outline of their story from which to work.

The due date for your artwork/vid is 23rd September. Your work should not be posted on a public forum at this time, but you must provide us with either a working link to the art or vid, or the art or vid file itself.

An assigned, staggered posting schedule will happen in October.

To sign up, please comment below with:

● Artist/Vidder name:
● LJ username (if applicable):
● Email address:
● Art or Vid, or both (if you know):
● Would you prefer to work on slash, gen or het/have no preference?:
● If necessary, would you be willing to pinch hit?

If you would prefer not to put your email address in the comment then please send the mods an email at Questions happily answered by email or by comments here.

We'd love to have you on board, whether you've done this before or you're brand new to Pros or to a big bang challenge. Come on, you want to do this! It's a blast.

Thank you!

Weekly Check In Post

Hello, Pro’s fans, it once again falls to me to greet you all with a weekly check in post which gives me a horrifying reminder of how fast this year is racing past!

Are you like me, facing a long endless tunnel of writing with seemingly no end, or are you sorted, sitting pretty and feeling justifiably pleased with yourself?

Either way, a quick reminder that the artist sign ups open very soon (as if we didn’t have ENOUGH to do) so there’s no rest for those fingers just yet!

Wishing you all a successful, productive and safe week, this is Boothros signing out in order to re-watch Doyle defusing an atomic bomb…


Hello all you budding artist and vidders!!

We need you. . . so stretch out your fingers and be ready to sign up. . . . . watch this space :)

Hey writers  - yes I mean you all that are typing away, allowing the lads to boff like bunnies.....

You are most likely . . .

  1. Hair and nails exactly where they're supposed to be

  2. Hair ok, but nails are worn down to the nubs (typing. . . of course)

  3. Hair pulled out slightly and some have been chewed on slightly, and cuticle worked needed

  4. Keyboard sustained serious injury when it got thrown against the wall

  5. Lads are nagging you to finish the sex scene

  6. Your story is finished and you're kicking back with majitos