Weekly check in post yet again!!

Are you happily typing along, Bodie and Doyle doing exactly what you want. . . . . . .


Are they harping at you because you haven't got to their dangly bits in a while and they are taking it out on you?

They want to shoot someone or hump against a wall. . . . very demanding our lads!. . . and you are not getting to it fast enough
(seriously though-what would be fast enough for them, difinitely faster than what my four fingers and thumb can do at a keyboard)

You try to tell them, just let me get a few more words down and you'll be servicing their every need . . .what I sound more like a pimp. . .

well, whatever it takes!!

Do you all have happier tales???

Let us know!!

Weekly Check In Post - March 31st

Greetings, BB’ers, I do hope this check in finds you well.

The sad news that we lost another great Pros writer, Pam Rose recently, has had me reading some very old, classic fic this week but whether that’s given me inspiration or not is debatable. I think it’s just reminded me what a long, long way I have to go!

How about you? Are you struggling to get started or are you well established and enjoying the ride? As always, we love to hear of your trials and triumphs if only to lend a listening ear, so please feel free to let us know how you’re getting on!

Best wishes, everyone and here’s to another great week of writing x

Weekly check in post!!!

In this final week of March, how are we doing??

Are you loving spring or fall (Of course if you live in Southern Calif spring was last Thursday and summer has already begun=0)

Are you happily typing away, scribbling notes, giving Bodie and Doyle lots of alone time?

Or are you still wondering what fresh hell have you let yourself in for. . .

Do these issues plague you?
- words go down on paper only to vanish when you're not looking
- you set time aside to write only to discover that you have to wash your hair
- you had the best idea and all the parts fit just as you were drifting off to sleep only to wake in the morn and you can't remember any of it

How are you all doing?? This is the place to ask, scream, happy dance or wander in bewilderedly seeking answers.
pros - b & d

Weekly Check-in Post: March 17

Well - here we are! Safely past the Ides of March, just about done with the last of the green beer (St. Patty's Day, if you celebrate), and only three and a half months left until that first BB draft is due.

So, a quick poll: how's it going?
  1. Done. AND Cowley is pleased. (BWAHAHAHAHA - though there actually are a couple of people who may be done).
  2. Well, I've got B&D in the same room, but they sure don't want to get together...
  3. One hundred words, and proud of 'em!
  4. I have six billion different starts, and none of them are going anywhere <=== my current state
  5. BB? There's a BB?

Let us know which one you fall under. Misery loves company. Talking it out can help! :D

Weekly check in post!!!

Yeah! We have fab writers. . . . .we have the lads. . . . .alll we need. . . . . .words, words, words!

So we now begin another year of helping out. . . . here is a place to share . . . . .

the fact that you will soon realise that you were body swapped when someone "else' signed you up and then vacated and left you to do the actual work . . . .

Why yes, i did have some very inventive tales as why my homework wasn't finished . . . what, don't look at me that way, some of them might have been true.

If I had gone to school in New Foundland, I could have used the polar bear ate it and that would have been true! Southern Calif, not so much.

So if you need help inventing excuses, no I mean any other kind of help.. . just shout out. . . we are here ( or someone ){what's my excuse. . oh I'm tending the sheep- that's it!}

Happy writing!!!
2018 BB

Introducing the Box Of Tricks 2021 Writers!

Many thanks to all who have entered as writers for this years Big Bang, it’s great to see names both old and new! Here’s the list of though brave souls participating. I’m sure you’ll all join me me congratulating them and wishing them luck!

Marjoram Max
Pale Rider

The next big deadline for writers will be July 1st, when the rough draft (5,000 words minimum) and outline will be due, and more information about this will follow as we get closer to the date.

In the meantime, stay tuned for weekly check-in posts for the chance to chat and to see how things are going.

Now it's time to fire up your laptops, sharpen your pencils and crack your knuckles … you may begin!
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Pros BB 2021 Writer Signups - Last Call

Hullo, BBers!

Just a reminder that Pros BB writer signups for this year - that would be 2021 - are set to close tomorrow.

If you haven't left a comment at Ye Olde Writer Signup Post, now would be the time to do so. Instructions and deadlines are listed there.

It's fun, it's a blast, it will wear your nails down to the quick! Toy around with the well-being of the Bisto Kids; have fun inserting our lads into all sorts of hopeless situations, to save them at the last minute. With lots of H/C, if that's what floats your boat. Oh, yes. But I digress.

Threaten Bodie with a bomb. Threaten Doyle with Marge. Put them in antiquity, in the future, in the rest room. Older lads, younger lads. Casefic. AU. Curtain fic. Bodie-as-mercenary fic. Doyle-as-rent-boy fic. Evil Cowley fic. Weddings. MPreg. (Only kidding with that MPreg.) As long as it's Pros-related, the only limit is in your imagination.

The world awaits!

And as always, if you have any questions for Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods, feel free to post below or email us at

Calling All Pros Big Bang Cheerleaders

Here's the post for anyone not able to sign up for the 2021 Pros BB challenge as a writer, artist, or beta, but who still wants to participate.

We’d love to have you as a cheerleader!

In fact, even if you are signing up as a writer, artist, or vidder, we'd still love to have you as a cheerleader! :-)

A cheerleader is someone who participants can bounce ideas off. Someone who can pre-read a partial draft and give a sense of whether it's working. Someone who can break out the pom poms and, well, cheer a writer on to the finish. It's an important job; writers, artists and vidders need all the encouragement they can get, and those pom poms aren’t going to shake themselves! So join the lovely lads above and get shaking! (Leg warmers and leotards optional.)

If you'd like to be cheerleader, just pop your name in a comment below, to let people know they can call on you for encouragement if needed. You can also pop into the weekly check-in posts at anytime to offer encouragement, a shoulder to lean [or cry] on, or just to shake those pom poms like the fabulous cheerleader you are!

Get practicing those jumps, and GO PROS!
2018 BB

Wanted: Betas and Editors for the 2021 Pros Big Bang!

Snoopy Editing

Here's your opportunity to sign up to offer your services as an editor/beta.

If you haven't done this before, here is how it works: you sign up below to volunteer and if someone needs you to read their story, they ask you to help. You and your writer set your parameters, such as read for plot only, or read for grammar, punctuation, or whatever you both feel comfortable with. Beta readers and editors are important to most writers so that they can present a clean and polished final version of their story.

If you are a writer who already has a beta and/or editor, they don't have to sign up. This is only for folks who want to volunteer to help writers who possibly don't have anybody to help them out.

So, sharpen your pencils, dust off that ol' Thesaurus, and try to remember all that interesting stuff you learned in Composition 101!

Thanks for volunteering!

User name/Pseud:
IM (optional):
What pairings/genres do you enjoy/are you willing to read:
What are your strengths as a beta reader?:
What kind of turn-around time can someone expect from you?:

2018 BB

Where do ideas come from?

Note with BIG thanks: this very helpful post was written for the 2011 Big Bang by Sineala (I hope she doesn't mind our borrowing it!)

That's an excellent question. You see, when two grown-up ideas love each other very, very much--

Wait, sorry. Wrong subject entirely. Ahem.

You may remember last year's excellent first Pros Big Bang and you may now be observing the organizational proceedings for this year's round with a mix of -- dare I say it? -- excitement and trepidation.

"Self," you may be saying to yourself, "The Big Bang looks incredibly fun, and I wish I could sign up for it. But I cannot, because I have no ideas! I wouldn't want to sign up without any idea of what to write!"

Never fear! We are here to help. (It is, of course, perfectly licit to sign up as a writer without having an idea, should you be that daring. But you may not be, hence this post.)

Here, in a vaguely-ordered list, are some ways to help you come up with ideas:

Collapse ), how do you come up with ideas? Any methods to share? How have you found the ideas for your stories?

Start thinking, and look for this year's prompt post next week!