mollior cuniculi capillo (sineala) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
mollior cuniculi capillo

Weekly Check-In Post and AO3 Archiving Reminder

Check in! Check in here! How's it going?

This post is also your reminder that there will once again be a Pros Big Bang collection on the AO3; if you have no AO3 account and would like an invitation code please contact us and we'll get you one.

The subcollection for this year's works will be here: Pros_Big_Bang_2014.

If you have works from previous years that you have not yet uploaded, or if you would simply like to browse everything that's been done, you can view all of the previous collections here.

Happy writing/drawing/vidding!
Tags: ao3 archiving 2014, check in post 2014

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