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The story so far..

A HUGE thank you to all who have sent their art and their completed stories along. It all looks mouth-wateringly fabulous, my dears. This post is just to recap what we have so far.. and if there are any errors here, do let me know. This is me cross referencing off a spreadsheet (have I told you all how wonderful it is to co-mod with a spreadsheet geek?) and my own list of received art and fic.

Writers from whom completed stories have been received:

Andromeda, Jojo, PrZed, SAC, Ravenstone, Fictionwriter, Ice Bear, Dawnebeth, Callisto, Jaycat,JGL, lbc, Liriel, Moth2fic, Sineala, Ankaree, Sarah K, Krisser, Angelfish

Artists from whom rough drafts/completed art works have been received:

Anja, gblvr, Kat, Firlefanzine, Cloudless_9193, ND, Ancasta, Togsos, Smirra, Judith, Ankaree, ILWB

The few writers and artists not on the list have all been in touch - some are awaiting betas, Brit checks, still polishing and editing, etc. We're confident it'll come out in the wash just fine, and that September will be a rockin' month of Pros and lads!!

And the lovely przed is already doing her magic with the Sacred Spreadsheet and posting preferences, so stand by for your posting schedules, templates, etc..
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