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P.R. Zed

The Grand Story Schedule

Here it is, everyone: the grand Pros Big Bang Schedule of Writers and Artists. (I'm going to let the final titles be a surprise for the posting days.)

Date Writer Artist
Sept. 1 Dawnebeth cloudless_9193
Sept. 3 Callisto Firlefanzine
Sept. 4 Krisser ILWB
Sept. 5 Ice Bear kat-byrd
Sept. 6 Fictionwriter togsos
Sept. 8 Sarah K kat-byrd
Sept. 10 Angelfish Firlefanzine
Sept. 11 lbc ND
Sept. 12 SAC Ankaree
Sept. 14 Andromeda Anja
Sept. 15 Jaycat ND
Sept. 17 Ankaree kat-byrd
Sept. 18 Sineala Ancasta
Sept. 19 JGL cloudless_9193
Sept. 21 P.R. Zed gblvr
Sept. 22 PFL Maerrie
Sept. 23 Hambel Ancasta
Sept. 24 Draycevixen P.R. Zed
Sept. 25 Ravenstone ILWB
Sept. 26 Moth2fic Smirra
Sept. 27 Liriel gblvr
Sept. 28 KWS gblvr
Sept. 29 JoJo P.R. Zed
Sept. 30 Verlaine Lorraine

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait!
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