mollior cuniculi capillo (sineala) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
mollior cuniculi capillo

Final posting schedule

The Professionals Big Bang mods are pleased to announce the final 2014 posting schedule! A month of brand-new stories and artwork is coming your way starting on Wednesday!

Writer Artist Date
Dawnwind Lorraine 1 Oct
Fictionwriter Krisser 3 Oct
PFL Pale Rider 5 Oct
Draycevixen Bodiecuddle 7 Oct
Moth2fic Minori 9 Oct
JoJo Firlefanzine 11 Oct
Halotolerant SCH 13 Oct
Marjoram Max Cloudless / Roven 15 Oct
Angelci5 Mella68 17 Oct
LilyK Banbury 19 Oct
Lbc Snailbones 21 Oct
Merentha13 Rain, Milomaus 23 Oct
Krisser Togsos 25 Oct
Murphybabe GiseeRouchon 27 Oct
ML Mead Smirra 29 Oct
Unbelievable2 Gvenanne 31 Oct
Tags: announcements 2014, posting schedule 2014

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