vic (saintvic) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Couple of quick reminders

Hey everyone, just popping in with a last few reminders before the posting starts tomorrow \o/.

The first is that we got the posting templates emailed out yesterday but please drop a comment to this post or email us at if you didn't get them or have any posting queries.

The second is a quick reminder not to cross-post stories or art to other communities until the start of November.

Lastly just to say, on behalf of the lovely hagsrus, that if you decide to share your work with Proslib (and this is completely your choice whether you would like to or not) she would appreciate if you could send her doc files directly if you get chance. And please remember that there's a "Archive to Pros lib?" question included in your header.
Tags: announcements 2014, housekeeping 2014

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