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Cold Water Morning by Fictionwriter art by Krisserci5

Title: Cold Water Morning
Artist/vidder: Krisserci5
Genre: Slash
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 39,506
Warnings: None

Summary: Raymond Doyle wants to be accepted into the new elite CI5 but that seems unlikely when he is teamed with the cold and enigmatic Bodie for the final assessment and things goes horribly wrong. Isolated in the Northumbrian wilderness he discovers another, gentler side to Bodie, until everything changes.

Notes: Thank you to moth2fic for her beta and setting me right where I went wrong. Thanks also to my very talented artist krisserci5 for such wonderful artwork and to the mods of CI5_box of tricks for hosting another Big Bang year.

Some months ago I came across a CD of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits. Nostalgia beckoned and I bought it. One of the songs on the CD was the long forgotten Cold Water Morning. The haunting lyrics were exactly what I wanted to convey in my story so this song became my title and inspiration. Cold Water Morning

Link to fic: At AO3
Link to art:  Here
Tags: stories and art 2014

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