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Half As Much As I Do [ART]

Title: Happy Ball of Sunshine

For story: Half As Much As I Do

Artist: SCH / scherwood

Author: halotolerant

Archive to Pros Lib: Yes

Genre: Slash

Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle

Warnings: This art is safe for work (SFW).

Notes: Thanks to the Box of Tricks mods. We're all grateful for your hard work. And for putting up with us year after year... and for making this so much fun! :)
This art is for halotolerant's wonderful story "Half As Much As I Do", and I was lucky I got to work with her. It was fun to see the fic taking shape, and to create my own pictures from her splendid material. You're a happy ball of sunshine to work with, Halo! Thank you! ;)
I was given much freedom when working with the art and this is what my freedom created. Enjoy!

Link to Art: My art over HERE at AO3.
Link to Story: Story over HERE at AO3

Tags: stories and art 2014

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