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Fic: 'Half As Much As I Do'

Title: Half As Much As I Do
Author: halotolerant
Artist: scherwood
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle, mention of Doyle/OMC
Word count: ~25k
Warnings: None

Summary: Four months ago, Ray Doyle quit CI5 and left London, moving away like he couldn't wait to shake the dust from his feet. So why has he kept in touch? Why invite Bodie to visit him, if all he wanted was a new life with new people? Bodie's in a mess and he needs his partner, but what happens when that's not what Ray wants to be to him any more?

Notes: I'm so pleased I was able to participate in the Big Bang again this year *g* Thank you to the ever-wonderful Mods for running it all so smoothly once again.

Huge thanks to my lovely artist scherwood for not only gorgeous art but a great deal of patience and encouragement - thank you so much for picking my story to illustrate! ♥ Her art not only suits the story beautifully, it also helped inspire me for the final push finishing it *g* And many thanks too to my great beta-reader elfwhistletree who made the fic better in numerous ways and picked up the stray commas too - any remaining mistakes are my own! ♥

Link to Art:Half As Much As I Do [Art] (7 words) by SCH
Link to Story: Half As Much As I Do (25276 words) by halotolerant
Tags: stories and art 2014

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