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Storm Force by Marjoram Max

Title: Storm Force
Author: marjorammax
Artist: cloudless_9193; roven75
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 19,343
Warnings: No warnings but rating is Mature.

It was one of those prime examples of Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong, will go wrong. And when you work for CI5, when something goes wrong, the shit really hits the fan.

Of course, it didn’t start out that way. This time it started with what was meant to be a simple transporting job. But when has anything ever been simple when you’re dealing with terrorists … and unrequited love?

For what is quite a short story, writing this was a hard slog. But I made it just in the nick of time. Many thanks to the mods for another extremely well organised Big Bang Challenge.

And extra special thanks go to:

anna060957 for once again providing expert critique and encouragement (despite broken promises that I wouldn’t leave it to the last minute again this year);

cloudless_9193 and roven75 for the wonderfully atmospheric artwork that both have created for Storm Force. I was very lucky indeed to be the writer chosen to have two artists.

Link to Fic: Storm Force
Link to Artwork by cloudless_9193: Art Master Post
Link to Artwork by roven75: Art Master Post
Tags: stories and art 2014

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