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Half Past The Point Of No Return

Title: Half Past The Point Of No Return
Author: murphybabe

Artist: giseerouchon
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes, please
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 30,000
Warnings (highlight to read): There is a scene of apparent dub-con at the start. There are references to alcoholism. Patsy is not underage in the UK.

Summary: Trust. Bodie and Doyle have no problems with trust on the job and in their relationship – until Bodie makes a mistake that results in marriage and his eventual departure from CI5. Without Bodie, Doyle struggles and Cowley arranges his secondment to Scotland Yard to work on a major operation. Quite by chance, Bodie is involved in this operation but, down on his luck and sadly out of condition, he tries to help his former partner and is hurt. Doyle rescues him and takes him away to recover but Bodie leaves again, resulting in Doyle's marriage and eventual resignation. Some years later Bodie tracks Doyle down to make amends. Doyle has renounced his previous life and is living on a smallholding in the wilds of Derbyshire, solitary, ascetic and self-sufficient. Can they get back together? Or is the trust irrevocably broken?

Notes: Thanks to my wonderful artist, GiseeRouchon, who has captured so brilliantly exactly what I was trying to express. Thank you also to my beta, the amazing MoonlightMead, who made this fic infinitely better and indeed, encouraged me to carry on when I would have given up. Thanks also to MinoriK for providing exactly the right things for Shusai to say, and to the Mods for putting so much work in to make the Big Bang happen again, and for everyone who helped and encouraged along the way.

Link to Fic: Fic Master Post
Link to Art: Art Master Post
Tags: stories and art 2014

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