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Fic: Whistle Blower, by ML Mead

Title: Whistle Blower
Author: ML Mead
Artist: smirra
Archive to Pros Lib:: yes
Genre: slash
Word count: 24,300
Warnings: none necessary

Summary: The devil makes work for idle hands. CI5 is, for once, under-employed. Bodie and Doyle put their idle hands to good use – on each other – happily enough, but are otherwise as bored as the other agents. Cowley, fresh from Whitehall confrontations and never keen on seeing under-occupied agents even in settled times, sends not only Bodie and Doyle on a low-risk assignment as a favour to ministers and mandarins, but Anson and Jax with them too. It's far from an onerous assignment, and there's plenty of time for downtime, chat, and catching up with CI5 gossip in the civilised surroundings of a small country house. Even if being on the job means Bodie and Doyle must remember to keep their hands off each other. So far, so cushy. Until the bomb goes off.

As the dust settles, allegations are made. Allegations that are as explosive as the bomb they have already weathered, and allegations that may end their careers equally effectively. And in Cowley's office, it's not clear who has the shorter fuse.

Notes:Thanks as ever go to my betas, who all managed to beta my stories while writing their own. I am in awe. And this time they couldn't keep it at email's length: merentha13 and PFL both heard far too much about this story at Bistocon, and murphybabe put up with it endlessly on the phone and encouraged me along. They did a lot of work and made this story a lot stronger - thank you so so much. My friends list on LJ have cheered me along, and have proved themselves an astonishing fund of knowledge from everything from African geography and history to which stars are where when. Thank you all.

I am utterly delighted by Smirra's artwork: how do you illustrate this, I thought, and she caught it perfectly. Thanks, Smirra!

And thanks to the mods for running it again. Hooray!

Link to fic: Fic master post
Link to art: Art master post
Tags: stories and art 2014

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