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Master list for the 2014 Professionals Big Bang

Hi everyone, in order to make to it easier for you to read, view and revisit all the fabulous work created this year, under the cut you will find a master list of all the entries for the 2014 Professionals Big Bang.

We copied some basic information from the headers, organised it by story title, and included links which will take you to the main posts for the stories, art and vids. At the main posts you will find the full details and links to the stories and art/vids themselves. Lastly the master list also includes a link to the AO3 collections page.


A put-up job
Cold water morning
Condition of employment
Cowley's Inscrutable Five
Half as much as I do
Half past the point of no return
Head games
No mere abstraction
Scenes from a partnership
South coast
Standing on the edge of forever
Storm force
Under my skin
Verity's one of us
When hope despairs
Whistle Blower

Link to AO3 collection

Story / Art Title: A put-up job
Author: unbelievable2
Artist/vidder: gvenanne
Summary: It’s the early days of the partnership. Cowley orders the lads on a clandestine search for some missing official secrets, where MI6 appear to have dropped the ball. But all is not as it seems, and when a routine pick-up goes badly wrong, they find themselves battling a number of adversaries. Working out whether they can trust anyone, even each other, proves a dangerous game.

Story Master post
Art Master post

Story / Art Title: Cold water morning
Author: margaret_r
Artist/vidder: krisserci5
Summary: Raymond Doyle wants to be accepted into the new elite CI5 but that seems unlikely when he is teamed with the cold and enigmatic Bodie for the final assessment and things goes horribly wrong. Isolated in the Northumbrian wilderness he discovers another, gentler side to Bodie, until everything changes.

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Story / Art Title: Condition of employment
Author: msmoat
Artist/vidder: boothros
Summary: William Bodie meets George Cowley as he is facing court-martial and prison while in the SAS. George Cowley makes a bargain with Bodie: work for him, keep his nose clean, and the “incident” on his record will be expunged. Eventually. The catch? Bodie has a mission within a mission: protect the man who will be assigned as his partner. Bodie agrees to Cowley’s terms. And then he meets bloody-minded, irritating, argumentative, never-give-up, ex-copper Raymond Doyle. Prison would have been easier.

Story Master post
Art Master post

Story / Art Title: Cowley's Inscrutable Five
Author: krisserci5
Artist/vidder: togsos
Summary: In a world where steam is king and the primary power source, and a world that abounds with airships, gas lamps, gears, cogs, and brass goggles, Mr Cowley knows that Queen Victoria, and all of Londinium is in great peril. Can he find the right men to help prevent the menace looming?

Story Master post
Art Master post

Story Title: Half as much as I do
Art Title: Happy ball of sunshine
Author: halotolerant
Artist/vidder: scherwood
Summary: Four months ago, Ray Doyle quit CI5 and left London, moving away like he couldn't wait to shake the dust from his feet. So why has he kept in touch? Why invite Bodie to visit him, if all he wanted was a new life with new people? Bodie's in a mess and he needs his partner, but what happens when that's not what Ray wants to be to him any more?

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Story / Art Title: Half past the point of no return
Author: murphybabe
Artist/vidder: giseerouchon
Summary: Trust. Bodie and Doyle have no problems with trust on the job and in their relationship – until Bodie makes a mistake that results in marriage and his eventual departure from CI5. Without Bodie, Doyle struggles and Cowley arranges his secondment to Scotland Yard to work on a major operation. Quite by chance, Bodie is involved in this operation but, down on his luck and sadly out of condition, he tries to help his former partner and is hurt. Doyle rescues him and takes him away to recover but Bodie leaves again, resulting in Doyle's marriage and eventual resignation. Some years later Bodie tracks Doyle down to make amends. Doyle has renounced his previous life and is living on a smallholding in the wilds of Derbyshire, solitary, ascetic and self-sufficient. Can they get back together? Or is the trust irrevocably broken?

Story Master post
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Story / Art Title: Head games
Author: sc_fossil
Artist/vidder: banbury
Summary: Doyle meets an MI5 agent who is arrogant, deadly, competent, gorgeous and a bloody nuisance.

Story Master post
Art Master post

Story / Art Title: No mere abstraction
Author: solosundance
Artist/vidder: firlefanzine
Summary: Three weeks into CI5 and Bodie’s struggling to keep his chaotic life under control. He’s bothered by horrors he’s tried to leave behind, the crashing doubts George Cowley seems to have about him, and the fact that his scruffy new partner isn’t at all what he was hoping for. Then to top it all, one cold November morning he wakes up in bed with someone he doesn’t know, someone who he absolutely shouldn’t be in bed with, and before long he and Doyle are heading west into the freezing fog with a ballet dancer in the back seat, and a gun-happy KGB in pursuit.

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Story / Art Title: Scenes from a partnership
Author: merentha13
Artist/vidder: milomaus
Summary: Unhappy with Bodie’s seeming withdrawal from their relationship and needing time alone, Doyle agrees to a job that has him working with the American CIA and reprising his role as Piet Van Neikerk. Cowley, leaving nothing to chance, secretly sends Bodie in undercover as well. Working separately, each man relives certain moments in their partnership. Triple think and betrayal find both men’s covers blown. Held in a ship’s hold while their captors make arrangements to turn them over to the East Germans, believing they’ve finally used up their luck, each man finally realises what the other means to him.

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Story / Art Title: South coast
Author: moth2fic
Artist/vidder: minori_k
Summary: Cowley and his political masters send Bodie and Doyle to investigate a neo-Nazi group based in Eastbourne. The main focus is a right wing newspaper and the fears include links with foreign groups, smuggling as a funding method and encouragement of general thuggish behaviour towards minorities. Doyle is undercover as a local government worker contacting right wing sympathisers. Bodie is also undercover as his landlord and 'handler'. There are violent incidents in local parks and on the beach. A suicide from the cliffs at Beachy Head may not be what it seems. Will Doyle's cover be blown? Can Doyle's fellow lodger be trusted? Will danger make the partners admit their feelings for each other?

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Story / Art Title: Standing on the edge of forever
Author: angel_ci5
Artist/vidder: mella68
Summary: When tragedy strikes, SAS Sergeant Bodie blames himself entirely. Crushed by guilt, he leaves the army and turns his back on life, until one day a Major Cowley asks for his help. A man called Raymond Doyle has been taken prisoner by the Russians in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan, and Cowley needs him rescued and brought back to the UK. Bodie agrees to go to Afghanistan and try and rescue this idiot who's got himself imprisoned. But when he meets him, it turns out the idiot is not quite what Bodie was expecting. In fact, this Raymond Doyle does some rescuing of his own, in more ways than one.

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Story / Art Title: Storm force
Author: marjorammax
Artist/vidder: cloudless_9193 and roven75
Summary: It was one of those prime examples of Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong, will go wrong. And when you work for CI5, when something goes wrong, the shit really hits the fan.

Of course, it didn’t start out that way. This time it started with what was meant to be a simple transporting job. But when has anything ever been simple when you’re dealing with terrorists … and unrequited love?

Story Master post
Art Master post for cloudless_9193
Art Master post for roven75

Story Title: Under my skin
Art Title: Nothing else matters
Author: draycevixen
Artist/vidder: bodiecuddle
Summary: You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

Story Master post
Art Master post

Story / Art Title: Verity's one of us
Author: dawnebeth
Artist/vidder: artconserv
Summary: Caring for a ten month old baby girl isn’t quite what Bodie and Doyle expected when they set out to meet a colleague in a small village. Neither were foreign agents and black habited nuns. After a day like this, is it any wonder Bodie and Doyle fall into each other’s arms?

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Story / Art Title: When hope despairs
Author: longstrt
Artist/vidder: snailbones
Summary: Ray Doyle finds someone else to love after he chooses to split from his CI5 partner, Bodie. Justin St. Hilary offers him many things that Bodie didn’t, including an opportunity to make art his life’s work. Bodie discovers that Doyle’s interest in someone else makes him a very unhappy camper. In fact, seeing the two men together makes Bodie decide to change his plans for the future.

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Story / Art Title: Whistle Blower
Author: moonlightmead
Artist/vidder: smirra
Summary: The devil makes work for idle hands. CI5 is, for once, under-employed. Bodie and Doyle put their idle hands to good use – on each other – happily enough, but are otherwise as bored as the other agents. Cowley, fresh from Whitehall confrontations and never keen on seeing under-occupied agents even in settled times, sends not only Bodie and Doyle on a low-risk assignment as a favour to ministers and mandarins, but Anson and Jax with them too. It's far from an onerous assignment, and there's plenty of time for downtime, chat, and catching up with CI5 gossip in the civilised surroundings of a small country house. Even if being on the job means Bodie and Doyle must remember to keep their hands off each other. So far, so cushy. Until the bomb goes off.

As the dust settles, allegations are made. Allegations that are as explosive as the bomb they have already weathered, and allegations that may end their careers equally effectively. And in Cowley's office, it's not clear who has the shorter fuse.

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Link to the 2014 Pros Big Bang Collection at AO3
The Pros Big Bang 2013 collection page at AO3 hosting some of the work produced.

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