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2014 Discussion Post - was it good for you, Sunshine?

Calling all Big Bangers!

Now that the fun and games of the posting is over, and we're all lining up fic on our Kindles for devouring as soon as possible (or at least I am - being terrible at keeping up with reading in real-time given the fabulous pace of the posting *g*), your modly crew thought we'd pop in and ask for some feedback on the whole process this year.

We had a couple of changes in the way we do things this year, and we'd like to hear your thoughts on how those did or didn't work for you - how to improve on the process, or whether the changes brought you untold joy, the same way that a new set of weights makes Towser's eyes light up like it's Christmas morning. *g*

As a reminder, the specific changes were:

* The new, later and shorter signing-up window for the artists.

* Asking both artists and writers to make a master-post to the comm this year, rather than just the writer posting here with links to both story and art.

Of course, we'd also like your general feedback about the whole shebang too - so have at it! Let us know what you thought, agents - and let us know if you have any suggestions for the coming year :)
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