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Strike while the irony is hot

Welcome to the 2015 ideas post


We usually ask for prompts around this point in the proceedings but this year we thought we’d open things up a bit more.


• If you have a story prompt you’re dying to share then go ahead and share it.

• It can be detailed or vague.

• All genres and pairings are welcome so go mad and ask for that Macklin/Cowley zombie romance story set in a steampunk version of Elizabethan England.

General thoughts/ideas/cravings:

So you don’t have a prompt but what you do have is

• A conviction that there are simply not enough amnesia stories in Pros

• The feeling that what the fandom is really lacking is a good gender swap-zombie-A/B/O story set amongst South London’s podiatrists

• A deep seated desire to see Pros crossed with The Magic Roundabout

In other words, you don’t really have anything you’d call a story prompt, just a desire to see more of a certain type of story or even just a burning curiosity about how one of the tropes much favoured in newer fandoms might look if applied to the Pros ‘verse.

Who knows, you might just inspire someone. :D

Writers, you do not need to stake a claim as this is a free for all so if anything catches your attention, just go for it.

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