norfolkdumpling (norfolkdumpling) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly Check In Post

Howdy agents! How goes it?

Now that the big writers reveal has come and gone, it really feels like we're properly up and running with this years Big Bang - hurray! Let us know how things are progressing - stories started, stories thought about, stories a mere twinkle in the ex-mercenary's eye - we want to hear it all! And vidders/artists - have you thought about taking the plunge this year when the sign-ups open? Maybe you're up for trying a new style, or have an idea about the sort of story you'd love to work with. We'd love to hear your thoughts :)

For now, have a good weekend, and if you're at a bit of a loose end, why not take a look at these writing tools/games right here. A bit of fun, and you never know - it might knock the odd idea loose too \o/
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