sc_fossil (sc_fossil) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

2015 Big Bang Final Writers Reveal!

First off, thanks to everybody who's worked hard to participate in this year's Big Bang. We had our rough draft deadline and I'm very pleased to announce the participating writers for this year's Big Bang! In alphabetical order, I give you:

1. Agent_talis
2. Angelci5
3. Dawnwind
4. Garonne
5. Golden Bastet
6. Halotolerant
7. Judes
8. Krisser
9. Lbc
10. LilyK
11. Mab
12. Marjoram Max
13. Merentha13
14. Murphybabe
15. Pale Rider
16. PFL
17. Unbelievable2
18. Verlaine

Keep your eyes peeled because artists' claiming will be coming up shortly! Woohoo!
Tags: announcements 2015, writers 2015

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