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2015 Artists Assignments and Authors Summary ID Big Reveal

The mods of the 2015 Big Bang are extremely pleased to announce the writers' and artists' match ups! I am so excited!

Writers, you should have received an email with the contact details of your artist.

Artists, you should have an email with your writer's info and their rough draft.

If you haven't had an email please let us know by emailing us at Also if you see any mistakes in this list, drop us a line. Thanks to everybody!

Please head

1) Untitled by Murphybabe murphybabe Artist: Bodiecuddle bodiecuddle

There’s a traitor in CI5. Bodie and Doyle are sent to track him down and, if necessary, terminate him. The problem is, he’s a CI5 agent too and knows everything they know. As they dig into the detail, they realise all may not be quite as it seems. When Cowley’s triple-think results in the death of one of Bodie’s protégés and Bodie’s admission to hospital, Doyle does some thinking of his own and doesn’t like the result. On Bodie’s release they review all the facts and come to the grim conclusion that they are being used for Cowley’s own idea of political expediency. It’s decision time for the lads – can they live with what Cowley has done? And if not, what will they choose to do about it?

2) Untitled by AngelcI5 angel_ci5 Artist: Firlefanzine firlefanzine

When travel writer Raymond Doyle meets hotel owner Bodie, it’s lust at first sight for them both. On a beautiful tropical island they quickly fall for one another and both determine to enjoy their limited time together. But will Doyle’s recent past manage to destroy their brief affair?

3) Beyond Recognition by LBC longstrt Artist: Banbury banbury

Warning: non-consensual partner assault

After working together as partners for several years, Bodie and Doyle enter into a sexual relationship, but then Bodie goes undercover. When he returns after six months, he isn’t the same man, much to Doyle’s pain and regret. Can Doyle ever forgive the man he had loved after Bodie commits a ruthless violation?

4) Hands Down by Dawnwind dawnebeth Artist: DoyleOnCanvas boothros

When Bodie and Doyle investigate a storehouse full of stolen goods, they find a pair of racehorses. They call in experts in the racing world. Who owned the horses and where they came from are their focus until the horses are stolen again, along with an ex-jockey. Throw in emeralds, confiscated cocaine, and a foul-mouthed suspect, and it’s no wonder Bodie and Doyle would prefer to indulge in an evening of kinky sex.

5) The Long Game by Garonne garonne Artist: LoxleyPrince loxleyprince

Bodie/Doyle, Jax/OFC, Jax POV

Doyle seems to have betrayed CI5 and taken off to South America with his ill-gotten gains, and Jax finds himself partnered with an unhappy, grim-faced Bodie. He gradually starts to realise what Bodie and Doyle were to each other. That's when Doyle reappears, and suddenly Jax, Bodie and Doyle find themselves at the heart of a complicated plot that will test their loyalties to CI5 and to each other.

6) Unexamined Beliefs by PFL msmoat Artist: Macklingirl macklingirl

Canon-based; B/D; something’s happened.

He’d told her from the start, gently yet firmly, that there would be no future for them. He had arrived in the village broken in body and spirit. His body had healed, but his spirit… She thought she could almost see him—the man he once must have been: fierce, passionate, full of life. But he showed to the world—to her—nothing but cool, remote courtesy. It was as if he were asleep, as he moved amongst them.

Georgie’s head lifted, but it wasn’t the dog's movement that had her straightening, then moving a step away from the rock on which he sat. It was his tension, the quick intake of breath. She looked down the path and saw a dark-haired man approaching them. He was handsome, fit, and he looked right past her as if she wasn’t there. His eyes were on Ray.

7) Strings of Time by LilyK sc_fossil Artist: Mella68 mella68

As Doyle recovers from serious injuries, he discovers that he's out of time and out of place, or is he merely out of his mind?

8) Ice Cold In Alexandra Palace by unbelievable2 unbelievable2 Artist: Krisser krisserci5

A/N: There’s nothing deep, meaningful or emotional about this story. It’s intended as a rollicking case fic – which turns into a chase fic….

It’s 1976, the hottest summer on record. There’s an assassin with a dastardly secret weapon on the loose, a diplomat to be delivered, and all Bodie wants is a nice cold beer.

9) The Sun Will Still Rise in the East by Agent_talis agent_talis Artist: GiseeRouchon giseerouchon

Gen/pre-slash, trigger warnings for suicide, graphic depictions of violence and mentions of self-harm and alcohol abuse. Warnings (highlight to read): No Major Character Death

15th September 1984 starts like any other day – until Bodie walks in on Doyle attempting to commit suicide. Horrified by his partner’s blatant death wish, Bodie is forced to report it – leading to Doyle’s incarceration in Repton; a mental institution for burned-out agents. Haunted by his memories and what he sees as Bodie’s betrayal, Doyle’s condition rapidly deteriorates and he refuses food and treatment, withdrawing all contact with his friends. As a last ditch attempt at reaching him, a nurse arranges for a final meeting between the pair. Locked inside together in that room the two men learn more about each other than they ever thought they would know, but it still might not be enough.

It’s up to Bodie to convince his friend that there are still things worth living for… before it’s too late.

10) Untitled by Golden_Bastet golden_bastet Artist: Krisser krisserci5

War is hell; but hell is what Raymond Doyle is familiar with. He has had a lifetime full of hells, from being disowned and driven away by his father, to growing up alone and isolated in reformatories and state institutions. He developed a tough skin to keep the world at bay, and uses that toughness to protect the one thing – an innate artistic creativity - that belongs to him.

As the winds of war and occupation sweep across the land, his gift eventually leads him to a resistance group looking for a target to make an example of. The occupying forces are too well guarded, but there are other targets to make an example of. The target they zero in on: the mercenary, collaborator, and traitor known as William Bodie.

And thus starts the role of a lifetime.

11) The Mysterious Occurrence of the Five Vials by Krisser krisserci5 Artist: GiseeRouchon giseerouchon

Part of a series, A Steampunk Victorianish AU

When Mr Bodie and Mr Doyle encounter vials of a mysterious nature, Mr Cowley's past make hold the key.

12) Nobody Known Me At Home Anymore by Mab mab_browne Artist: AnimaAllegra 4537 allegra82

Bodie and Doyle are a mobile ghetto ‐ they work together, they socialise together, they have sex together. Life in CI5 means that Bodie faces major and minor challenges every day: canon events like the death of Paul Coogan, tracking down a missing Ministry of Defence scientist, and getting introduced to Doyle's family. All of it has its good and bad points, and Ray Doyle is the best of it.

13) Untitled by Marjoram Max marjorammax Artist: Gvenanne gvenanne

AU Slash

All I wanted was to leave my life of crime behind me, and start living an honest, hard-working life which I could be proud of in my dotage. Who’d have thought something theoretically so simple would turn out to be so hard? Between my old gang trying to track me down and permanently silence me, and a certain green-eyed man with a country estate full of its own problems, I was destined not to have the stress-free retirement I longed for. Oh, well, I suppose these things are sent to try us …

14) Flowers From a Wasteland by Pale Rider boothros Artist: Banbury banbury

Warning – scenes of rape and self harm

In the aftermath of Doyle’s rescue from the clutches of a vicious and sadistic gang, the partners become closer than ever.

However it is obvious that Doyle is deeply scarred from his ordeal. In an effort to help him, Bodie takes him away from the pressures of London for a short stay in the quiet English countryside.

There they meet a charming, enigmatic man whose interest in Bodie undermines Doyle’s confidence even further.

Can Bodie ever bring happiness and security to the man he loves, or will Doyle be lost to him forever?

15) A Future to This Life by Verlaine loyseofverlaine Artist: LoxleyPrince loxleyprince

Science fiction; AU; Slash; Bodie/Doyle

With half the galaxy on the verge of civil war, George Cowley of Cyborg Institute 5 sends one of his best operatives, Cyborg R4A5Y, to Murani Station to protect United Earth diplomat Dr. Harbinger. But not even Cowley is aware of the full extent of the intrigue aboard the space station. Who is the real target of the elusive assassin Ramos? What role is being played by the sinister Ambassador Rahad?

When R4A5Y discovers that Rahad is holding another cyborg captive, he resolves to rescue him, no matter what Cowley's orders are. But W3A7P is a different kind of cyborg altogether, and his determination to stop Rahad may force R4A5Y to choose between his mission and his future.

16) If I Could Turn Back Time by Judes judesmk Artist: Rain milomaus milomaus


Four years after the resumption of their personal relationship, Bodie and Doyle are living happily together. But the past has a way of coming back to haunt you. And when its tentacles reach out to ensnare those they hold most dear, they find themselves on the verge of losing everything.

17) Why I Sojourn Here by Halotolerant halotolerant Artist: kat-byrd sc_fossil

Former policeman Ray Doyle left the force under a cloud of scandal and backstabbing. Now an artist he lives as a rural recluse, alone by choice but often lonely.

Then one dark night Agent William Bodie of CI5 crashes into his world, wounded and seeking help. He claims to be investigating a suspected drug ring headquarters in a nearby mansion, which Ray can scarcely believe, especially as the mansion is owned by his own ex-boyfriend. Nonetheless, soon Ray too is hot on the trail.

As the investigation demands increasing intimacy between Ray and his new houseguest, he struggles to know what to believe and who to trust. Is there really danger? And is it closer to home than he could ever expect?

18) Highway of Regret by Merentha13 merentha13 Artist: HaritaEllea haritaellea

Fate or coincidence? Derby, Belfast, London, the British Army, MI5, the IRA, CI5. Who is Patrick Breen and what part did he play in the past lives of CI5’s finest? The lads are tasked with bringing him home to London, not as easy an undertaking as it would seem.
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