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Weekly Check In and AO3 Reminder

*waves hello*

A two part post for you all this week. And the first part is as always the chance to check in and chat! So let us know how you are getting on this week. Have you added more words? Are you waiting for inspiration for that key scene? Is the music for your vid being difficult? Have you found the perfect pics for your manip? Or are you once more planning that escape to an exotic island :)

And to help with the checking in have some lads:

So now moving on to the second part of the post which is a reminder that this year we will once again have a Pros Big Bang collection on AO3.

You are of course NOT required to post your stories and art to AO3 but it has the benefits of automatically creating story downloads in a variety of formats and allowing us to gather the stories and artwork into a Pros Big Bang collection on the site.

Therefore if you have no AO3 account and would like an invitation code please contact us at the Pros Big Bang email address ( and we'll organise one for you.

The new collection for this year will be located here: Pros Big Bang 2015.

If you would like to browse through the previous years collections you can see them all here: Pros Big Bang Collections.

And finally if you would like to add your story/art for prior Pros Big Bangs to previous years’ collections it is very simple to do so. Just open your story in edit and scroll down to the “associations section.” Where it says “post to collections/challenges” enter either Pros_Big_Bang_2010, Pros_Big_Bang_2011, Pros_Big_Bang_2012, Pros_Big_Bang_2013 or Pros_Big_Bang_2014 depending on which year’s collection you’re adding your story to and be sure to save your changes.
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