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Run Through the Jungle by Fictionwriter

Title:  Run Through the Jungle
Author:  Fictionwriter margaret_r 
Artist Name:  togsos 
Archive to ProsLib:  Yes
Genre:  Slash
Characters/Pairing:  Bodie/Doyle
Word Count:  24,018
Warnings:  None

Summary:  Cowley assigns Bodie and Doyle to watch a South African journalist in London. What should have been a routine job turns into a dangerously explosive situation with international implications. Unexpected surprises follow the lads as they try to untangle the web of intrigue, and their own evolving feelings for each other

Notes:  Thank you to togsos   for the fantastic art and to moth2fic  for her impeccable beta work and unfailing encouragement and support. Thanks also to the wonderful mods for putting together Box of Tricks BigBang

Although this is a work of fiction, details of the activities of the South African Department of Information, uncovered by Rand Daily Mail journalists, are based on fact. 

Link to Story:  Run Through the Jungle
Link to Art: Art Master Post
Link to E-Reader Files:  E-Reader
Tags: stories and art 2010

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