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Fic: Ice-Cold in Alexandra Palace by unbelievable2

Title: Ice-Cold in Alexandra Palace
Author: unbelievable2
Artist: krisserci5
Archive to Pros Lib: No
Genre: Gen
Characters/pairing: Bodie, Doyle, Cowley
Word count: 26,303
Warnings: None

Summary: It’s July, 1976 - the hottest summer on record , there’s an assassin with a dastardly secret weapon on the loose, a diplomat to be delivered, and all Bodie wants is a nice cold beer.

Notes: This is a romp, pure and simple, written for moonlightmead and minori_k, with my love.
Huge thanks to the Mods for organising this Big Bang.

My thanks are also due to krisserci5, who has produced the most wonderful illustrations for this story. They are full of the hurry and worry that I wanted to convey, the colours and styles add so much to the text, and as a whole they provide a perfect 'backdrop' of the Lads' London.
Much gratitude to my lovely beta, alobear, she of the eagle-eye and the ability to see round corners, who has been through the text with her customary attention to detail and flair, and who has pointed up the errors and inconsistencies. Any faults that remain are mine alone.
Finally, more notes about the story appear at the end!

Fic master post:    http://archiveofourown.org/works/4976434

Art master post:
Tags: stories and art 2015

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