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The King Must Die

Title: The King Must Die
Author: murphybabe
Artist: bodiecuddle
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes please
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle, Bodie/OFC, Doyle/OFC
Word count: 22,044
Warnings: Explicit.  Some kink.

Summary: There's a traitor in CI5.  Bodie and Doyle are sent to track him down and, if necessary, terminate him.  As they dig into the detail, they realise all may not be quite as it seems.  When Cowley's triple-think results in the death of one of Bodie's protégés and Bodie's admission to hospital, Doyle does some thinking of his own and doesn't like the result. On Bodie's release they review all the facts and come to the grim conclusion that they are being used for Cowley's own idea of political expediency.  It's decision time for the lads - can they live with what Cowley has done?  And if not, what will they choose to do about it?

Notes:  Dedicated to moonlightmead.

Huge thanks to my beta, cornishcat, who did her very best to make it readable.  All the remaining mistakes are mine.  Thanks also to my wonderful artist, bodiecuddle, who has created the most fantastic vid from the little I gave her to work with.  Thanks to the mods for another tremendous year, and to all the writers, artists, cheerleaders and readers who make the Pros Big Bang so fabulous.

The occasional quotations are taken from the song for the vid:  Elton John's The King Must Die.

Link to Fic: The King Must Die
Link to Art: The King Must Die
Tags: stories and art 2015

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