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Weekly Check-In Post

Hi-ho, Big Bangers! Time for the weekly check in.

First, a reminder: writers' signups are still open until the end of the month (so click on that link). Now's the time to strap on your pen (or computer, as the case may be) and let that story of lads averting a terrorist-led planned devastation... or going undercover to find Bodie's heretofore unknown great-aunt, head of a crime syndicate... or crossing paths in the hold of a convict ship bound for Australia... and defying the Cow (as always)... rise to the surface and see the light of day. There's always room for more!

You'll get one more reminder (so my crystal ball tells me); but why delay? The month's almost over and the lads are ready and waiting. And Bodie's hungry, so bring plenty of Swiss roll.

If you're not up for punishment writing this year, you can always volunteer to beta-edit and/or cheerlead. These roles are really the unsung heroes of the BB: they may not seem like much, but a little word of encouragement or some advice on that line that is causing a writer to doubt her sanity can make a huge difference. So don't be shy, sign up now.

(Artists: not quite yet, but we're coming for you soon enough. ;-))

And for those of you who have already taken the plunge (or heck, anyone interested in the plunge): how's it going? Are B&D still at the just-met, can't-stand-each-other phase? Did Bodie steal a kiss when Doyle was distracted? Or are you just liberally inserting Sex Scene Here markers throughout your text? (One can hope.) Do tell!
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