krisserci5 (krisserci5) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Weekly Check-in Post

Howdy agents! How goes it?

Now that the big writers reveal has come and gone, it really feels like we're properly up and running with this years Big Bang - hurrah! Let us know how things are progressing - stories started, stories thought about, stories a mere twinkle in the ex-mercenary's eye - we want to hear it all!

And vidders/artists - have you thought about taking the plunge this year when the sign-ups open? Maybe you're up for trying a new style, or have an idea about the sort of story you'd love to work with. We'd love to hear your thoughts :)

For now, have a good week, and if you're at a bit of a loose end, why not take a look at these writing tools/games right here . A bit of fun, and you never know - it might knock the odd idea loose too \o/
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