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Pros BB Weekly Check in Post


Hello intrepid Pros BB writers! Today we're joined at the Weekly Check-in by Medieval!AU!Bodie. He's here to provide support and encouragement to any writer who needs it. So, dear hearts, do let us know how you've been getting on this week.

Has your BB story been as accommodating as a castle trollop, happily tugging you into secluded chambers before shamelessly throwing itself down on your manuscript and spreading itself wantonly all over your plot?

Or has it been as nervous as a short nun at a penguin shoot (or as infuriating as a certain curly-haired lordling archer with sharp arrows and an even sharper tongue,) refusing to have anything to do with your hard copy despite apologies, considerable research, threats, pleading, and more than one bout of impassioned sword-play?

Do tell!

Please also let us know if you have any dragons in need of defeating, any damsels in need of rescuing, or any ne'er-do-wells in need of a sound thrashing to keep the realm safe, secure, and smelling (albeit faintly) of roses and lavender. In short, anything that would benefit from the attentions of a (very frustrated) Medieval!AU!knight with a formidable reputation and an even more formidable (if recently under-utilised) weapon.

p.s. If Medieval!AU!Doyle reads this, Medieval!AU!Bodie says "It was an accident" and "Who in their right mind would deliberately stand on a pet stoat?"
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