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Pros BB Weekly Check In Post and a Reminder about the Artists and Vidders sign ups


Hello dear hearts!

Welcome to the weekly Pros BB Check In post and an especially warm welcome to any vidders and artists who may be joining us for the first time in 2016! *waves excitedly at Everyone*

Firstly, I need to remind you all that the artists and vidders sign ups have begun (Yay!!!) and will continue until May 31. To find out more and if you want to sign up, please follow this link:

Artists and Vidders Sign Up Post

(Do it! Do it! You KNOW you want to!!!)

Next, I need to ask how our lovely BB writers are doing. *waves excitedly at the lovely BB writers*

Are you continuing to stride boldly through your plot outline (cousin dawnebeth excepted :-) or are you still stuck on Procrastination Patio, gingerly extending a hand to see if it's started raining yet and wondering if you should bring in the washing, mow the lawn, trim the hedge, or re-model the borders before you sit down to write today...?

If Procrastination is your middle name (and boy, wouldn't you have a serious bone to pick with the parents if it was?) then this article may help:-


Alternatively, feel free to share your triumphs and terrors, frustrations and jubilations with us here instead. We're all in the same Pros BB boat together and here to help, so do please let us know how you're getting on! :-)
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