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2016 Artists Assignments and Authors Summary ID Big Reveal

The mods of the 2016 Big Bang are extremely pleased to announce the writers' and artists' match ups! I am so excited!

Writers, you will receive an email with the contact details of your artist.

Artists, you will receive an email with your writer's info and their rough draft.

If you haven't had an email by the end of the week, please let us know by emailing us at Also if you see any mistakes in this list, drop us a line. Thanks to everybody!

1) UNTITLED by marjoram max ------ art = faireyfox (art) AND bodiecuddle (vid)

Marty Martell and Bodie weren’t exactly friends – in the intelligence game friends were a luxury most couldn’t afford – but they went back a long way together. So when Marty was murdered, it felt personal.
Doyle’s convinced that the stockpile of weapons found near Marty’s body holds the key to his murder.
The circumstances surrounding Marty’s killing, however, lead Bodie to a completely different conclusion, one that involves a family tragedy over 100 years before.
Now all Bodie has to do is convince his partner that things really do go bump in the night!

2) untitled by murphybabe ---- art = merentha (art)

There’s a shipping container full of unpleasantly-dead bodies, another container (missing) full of guns and ammunition, an exotic Cuban courtesan, and CI5 are called out to deal with the situation. During the investigation, Doyle discovers more about Bodie’s past, Bodie discovers that there are times when he really should listen to Doyle, Cowley knows more than he lets on, and old friends – and foes – get more than they bargained for.

3) untitled by halotolerant ----- art = mella (art)

‘Bodie shifted uncomfortably in his hard plastic scoop-shaped orange seat, and tried to resist the urge to look over to Ray - sitting next to him at a distance prescribed by the bar fixings of the ranks of seats, apparently absorbed in the local paper: Tug-of-Love Housewife, 29, in High Speed Chase.

With a muffled grunt, Bodie managed to slide his right leg - entirely encased in thick plaster from the groin down - along the floor, and rearranged his elbow crutches beside him…’

It’s been eight months now that they’ve been sleeping together, and Bodie knows things with Ray have to come to a head. He’s never felt for anyone as he does for his partner, and frankly that’s a problem.

For one more day he has Ray, and then things have to change. A pity that day is a boring slog through Outpatients.

After all, Ray may be at his side, but he’s in a right mood, and it’s not like he’s going to want to hear Bodie’s confession, is it?

4) Thebes, Egypt, approx 1156 BC by golden bastet ---- art = loxley (art)

Born of an Egyptian mother and unknown father, Raymond Doyle was a born fighter.

He'd fought his way into a spot on the medjay, Pharaoh's elite police force, to a spot he'd been proud of and a position he'd dreamed of.

He'd then fought against the corruption he'd found on the force, no matter that his superiors had more connections and greater influence.

Shunted to the side and assigned to scut work, he finds himself plucked up by a Lord Cowley, seconded to his mysterious organization, to investigate some minor incidents around Thebes. A short assignment, not likely to amount to much, but enough for him to take stock of his position, figure out his next steps.

As part of the assignment, Lord Cowley teams him with a certain Bodie, an ex-charioteer in Pharaoh's army also seconded to the organization. As arrogant as he is good-looking, this Bodie is almost impossible to talk to, much less work with, and the assignment meant to salvage Doyle's career is off to a poor start. Doyle finds his next fight with this Bodie: they are polar opposites, barely tolerate each other – but then their minor assignment takes a turn towards the bizarre, leading them to something much bigger than either had imagined… and in more ways than one.

Inspired by real events (!).

5) Here Be Monsters by Agent_Talis ---- art = gisee and scfossil(Magic AU)

After their colleague is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Bodie and Doyle are plunged into an underworld that they never knew existed. London is threatened by a brewing turf war and the agents are suddenly strangers in a familiar land. Add in the presumed drug-assisted suicide of one of Doyle’s informers plus Cowley’s cagey behaviour, and you have a situation way above their pay grade.
Magic isn’t real… right?

6) Cowley's Inscrutables Victorian Steampunk AU. art by KrisserCI5

The Queen and London are once again under threat

7) Sigh for the Prophet’s Paradise by dawnwind
---- art = doyleoncanvas (vid) unbelievable 2 (art)

The Professionals updated to 2010, crossover with Inspector Lewis

Doyle goes undercover as a student to ferret out a terrorist cell in Oxford University. Bodie provides liaison with the Oxfordshire police but will a murder muck up CI5’s investigation?

8) And Then There Were Two by IBC ----art = firle (art)

Doyle and Bodie’s partnership comes to an end after Bodie finds out about Doyle’s affair with a man.

Although they are both still at CI5, their paths seldom meet since Doyle takes over the training of five recruits while Bodie takes on a new partner. Doyle’s lover counsels Doyle to talk Bodie, but stubbornness sets in so that neither man will talk to the other, until Doyle and one of his chicks get involved in a shootout that does not end well.

9) untitled by boothros ---- art = allegra (vid) AND cloudless93 (art)

Bodie is devastated when Doyle turns his back on CI5 in favour of the glitzy new life that he’s chosen. With a new job and a new love, Doyle seems to have it all, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors…

10) Old Habits by merentha13 ----- art = macklingirl (art)

Shaken by events in a disastrous undercover operation, Doyle is left to reconsider his partnership with Bodie and his trust in George Cowley. Needing time to come to terms with what happened, Doyle accepts a solo mission to expose those involved in a plot to assassinate high ranking security personnel. But his copper’s intuition is warning him that he’s being set up. When he finds himself on the wrong side of both CI5 and MI5, there’s only one place to go. But will Bodie be willing to help him?

11) Untitled by fictionwriter ---- art = brune (art)

A medieval AU. This is a sequel to The Morning Gift, written with approval and
encouragement from the author.

Raedwolf and Beau are assigned a special task, to deliver a precious scroll and a young boy to the holy fathers at a priory in the town of Oxford. They leave their castle home expecting the assignment to be easily accomplished. But things go awry and they lose the boy and the scroll. A merry chase follows as they set out to retrieve both.

story 12 The Producer and the Guard by castilia --- art = art by loxleyprince

Thanks to all of you!!!

Sorry I did not lj code all the names
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