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Pros BB Weekly Check In and AO3 Reminder


Hello intrepid Pros BB writers, vidders, and artists! *waves*

As you can see, the Match-up list of Writers, Vidders and Artists for the 2016 Pros BB is coming under a lot of scrutiny from CI5 (and rightly so.) In case Mr Cowley wants a progress report on his desk by 9am tomorrow morning, do let us know how it's all been going for you this week.

Artists and vidders - have you made contact with your writers yet? Writers - are you all excited (and just a teeny bit terrified) that, now you have an artist or vidder (or in some cases, both!) you really do need to get a move on and finish your story? Do tell! We're here to listen, encourage, cheer, and help. :-) Quite what the stoats are here for is another matter entirely, although I suspect it's the Swiss Roll...

Now is also a jolly good time to remind you that this year we will once again be having a Pros Big Bang collection on AO3. Yay!!!

There is absolutely NO requirement to post your stories and art to AO3, but if you do, we benefit from the site automatically creating story downloads in a variety of formats and allowing us to gather all the stories and artwork into a neat and tidy, easy to find, Pros Big Bang collection.

The new collection for this year will be located here: Pros Big Bang 2016.

If you would like to browse through the previous years' collections, you can see them all here: Pros Big Bang Collections.

And finally, if you'd like to add your story/art for prior Pros Big Bangs to previous years’ collections it is very simple to do so. Just open your story in edit and scroll down to the “associations section.” Where it says “post to collections/challenges” enter one of Pros_Big_Bang_2010, Pros_Big_Bang_2011, Pros_Big_Bang_2012, Pros_Big_Bang_2013, Pros_Big_Bang_2014, or Pros_Big_Bang_2015, depending on which year’s collection you’re adding your story to, and be sure to save your changes.
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