golden_bastet (golden_bastet) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Pros BB Weekly Check-In / Artists + Vidders 'What Ho?' Post

So, folks - time for a check in! And you don't have to be Bertie Wooster to do it.

First, welcome to the artists / vidders who have signed up so far! (So many already. \o/) 'Artist / vidder sign-up?' you ask? Then you must not have seen the post for artists / vidders sign-ups, with all the rules and such. If you've got a hankering for capturing the fine profiles of the lads, now's your chance - and the rest of us won't say no, either. If you have any questions, just reach out to your friendly neighborhood mods.

Also, status. How is it going? It's late in the evening, and I can't think of anything witty, but I do know two things: 1. there will be more lads in Oct ! and 2. you all have more words than I do, LOL.

Share your secrets with us...
Tags: check in post 2017, handy links 2017

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