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Pros BB Weekly Check In Post and a reminder that the deadline for Artist/Vidder sign-ups is May31

LeatherJacketBodieDoyle2JlowKey 2 White

Yes, dear hearts, another week has past and it's time for a Pros BB check-in! In the immortal words of Corporal Jones from 'Dad's Army' (which was dead popular in the UK in the 70s and 80s if you're stuck for something the lads might be watching on telly in your BB story) DON'T PANIC! There's still lots of time to get the Capri out of the canal/Bodie out of the canal/Doyle out of Bodie - Good lord! Where was my mind going? - the Capri, canal, or both - well, you get the idea...

On the Mod Squad front, we're still a little short of artists and vidders, so if you'd like to make one of our lovely BB writers very happy - please sign up by following this link to the Artists and Vidders Sign Up Post.. Go on! You know you want to. :-)

So, lovely BB writers, how are you getting on? Do please let us know (especially if there is anything we can help with)!
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