loxleyprince (loxleyprince) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Pros BB Weekly Check-in Post


Hello, intrepid Pros BB participants! It's Weekly Check-in time again, so how are things going?

Artists and Vidders, are you already sharpening your pencils, screen-capping all four box-sets of the DVDs, and streaming Spotify 24x7 for those perfect songs to vid the lads to? Do let us know!

Writers, have your stories been wandering in the proverbial desert for so long, they're considering joining the French Foreign Legion? Or have they been tabbing happily across the sands like SAS-Bodie and are already eyeing-up an ice-cold beer in Alexandria? (Or Alexandra Palace - if you're unbelievable2 :-) Do tell!

And if you're finding yourself struggling for inspiration, don't forget that the UK General Election is tomorrow. Bet you could invent all manner of Pros-y mayhem around one of those... *g*
Tags: check in post 2017

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