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Artist Claiming Post 2017

Sorry for the delay - technical difficulties!

For our artists, now is when you get to claim the story you'd like to work on for the Big Bang and here's how.

First click on the cut and read the story summaries. Not all the summaries have titles but they are all numbered.

Then please comment to the post and let us know the following:

1. Your email address

2. Your top four story choices in order of preference

3.If you would be happy to provide art for a second story as this year we
have more writers than artists.

4.If you are willing to pinch-hit if another artist unexpectedly has to pull out.

While you will only be working on one or two stories, giving us your top four choices will hopefully minimize the odds of our having to re-contact you as we work through the comments matching artists with stories.

The comments on this post are screened, so your mods are the only ones who will see them. If you have any questions, you can let us know via comment.

We will send you the rough draft of your story selection and your writer's email addie ASAP.

So, here's the form:

First Story Choice:
Second Story Choice:
Third Story Choice:
Fourth Story Choice:
Willing to take a second story?:
Willing to pinch hit?:

1. Believe In Me

In this story, Bodie is the CEO of a large corporation called BodieCorp, and Ray Doyle is his Executive Assistant. Due to a former lover’s betrayal, BodieCorp is now faced with charges of embezzlement, cheating Inland Revenue, murder and other criminal charges. Bodie is now leery of trusting anyone and finds it hard to trust even his mysterious Executive Assistant.
The one person who he does trust is Frederica Martin and even she has secrets of her own. All in all Bodie discovers that it is very difficult to find someone to believe in.

2. The Blue Box Affair

Things have gone to the dogs in London! Bodie and Doyle must save the world from...*spoilers*! And a stranger from afar has cocked up in a grand way which puts all of mankind in jeopardy! Will our lads save the day or will this be the end to everything they know?
Crossover with Doctor Who.


Having got up Cowley's nose once too often, Bodie and Doyle find themselves off major assignment.
Stuck with investigating a series of trivial incidents, the lads entertain themselves pondering the triple-think behind Cowley's newly minted crusade against petty criminality, not to mention his sudden interest in gentlemen's fashion.
As the unlikely pieces of the jigsaw come together, CI5's finest find themselves wondering if they have just fallen down a very seasonal rabbit hole.

4. The Grail (working title)

Raedwolf and Beau, in mediaeval Oxfordshire, are assigned another special task. Study of Cowley's scroll at the Oxford priory has produced a possible lead to the holy grail or something equally wonderful. The pair set out for Glastonbury with Henry (Cowley's son) and his tutor. The adventure might take them to the Tor or under it. And there may be others interested in their destination. This story follows The Morning Gift by moth2fic and An Oxford Tale by Fictionwriter, but can be read as a stand-alone.


Bodie thinks he knows everything he needs to about his partner, until Doyle’s old lover contacts CI5 asking for protection. As they try to retrieve documents which could shake the monarchy, Bodie learns the truth behind the damage to his partner’s face, and discovers new sides to Doyle – among them a violent past, and a lust for both young men and older women.

Warnings: violence, language, m/m sex, m/w sex, underage sex, implied rape, implied paedophilia, drug abuse.

6. Judgement Day (Working title)

There’s a serial killer loose in Durham and he’s targeting policemen. The local law enforcement is in disarray, each cop fearing that he’s next.
Cue Bodie and Doyle. Sent down from London to assist in the capture of the maniac, they find themselves forming an uneasy alliance with one DI John Bacchus and DS Rachel Coles. As the body count rises, Bacchus brings back his retired mentor for one last case, though, hopefully not the last case they’ll ever take.
But, as they get closer to the truth, the killer gets closer to them...

Hidden Warnings: Torture, references to underage sex (by 1960s standards) and no major character death.


When Bodie and Doyle are sent to Africa to save England from a vicious attack, Bodie is confronted with his dark mercenary past. Their new partnership is strained to the braking point by the darkness that is revealed, endangering their lives and the mission. Will find the trust they need to work with each other to save themselves and England? Will they find even more than trust in the heart of Africa?

Story warnings: Original Character death, Rape, Violence

8. Gently They Fall

Detective Constable Raymond Doyle was put into an undercover operation to bring to light the extent of the corruption in the Met Drugs Squad. It cost him dearly. As CI5 Agent Raymond Doyle, he is asked by the DCI of a new task force to give it another go. Doyle is willing, Cowley is miffed and Bodie is not happy.


This is a fusion story. Bodie and Doyle in the DS9 universe, Bodie as a Cardassian half-breed and Doyle as the Bajoran Major Kira Neray. When a Cardassian ship mainly crewed by scientists and engineers sends a distress call to DS9, Major Kira and Chief O’Brien head a rescue mission to save the crew. Onboard the doomed ship, they find a young Cardassian who has been beaten and abused, and left to die in a closed room. Then something strange happens while the three of them teleport back to DS9, a kind of telepathic communication between Kira and the half-Cardassian. Soon, the Bajoran Major and the rescued half-breed strike up an unlikely friendship, one which will perhaps develop into something more, while Sisko, Kira, O’Brien and Bashir try to keep the young man alive and help him set up a new life for himself on the station, despite the actions of some enemy Cardassian.


George Cowley has spent much time and political capital in building CI5 into what it is today and towards what he wants it to be in the future: an organization able to strike at threats efficiently and effectively, with agents trained to react as second nature to resolve threats and keep the land if not pristine, then smelling ever so faintly of the roses and lavender that he cherishes.

But this is not a typical period at CI5, and threats may take forms not readily recognizable.

First, an obbo concludes perfectly: no shorts fired, the bad guys apprehended and no bystanders hurt – except for an agent cleanly shot through the forehead by an unaccounted-for bullet. Then an agent is found in the cemetery they all use for jogging, a victim of a hit-and-run. When a third is found dead at his desk, Cowley puts his best team – William Bodie and Raymond Doyle – onto the case.

But his best team has conflicts of their own. There are no leads to follow. The cases have nothing in common. Bodie finds himself saddled with training with the new intake class, which doesn't think it needs training. Doyle is scarce on the ground, merrily making his way through girlfriends, and Bodie finds himself unhappy with the situation.

A mystery case. Everyone within CI5 a possible suspect – or target. Can Bodie and Doyle solve the case before it destroys CI5 itself?

11. So This Is Us

Ray Doyle has always had a passion to make a difference -- it’s why he became a policeman in the first place. So when he’s forced to make the crushing decision to resign from the Derbyshire Constabulary on a point of principle, becoming a teacher seems a logical next step. He’s done the training, landed a job at a challenging school down in London, and moved in with some wildly sociable new friends. Much as he hates kowtowing to authority he’s even gone and got a decent haircut just to please Mr. Cowley, his stickler of a new headmaster. Despite the devastating and unplanned change in vocation, he should really be content with his new life, shouldn’t he? At least he has a job, and a chance to get through to some right little toe-rags causing trouble in the classroom. Trouble is, as his friends and family know, Doyle’s lonely. So bloody lonely it hurts. On the other hand, he’s not sure the flaming Demon Barber of Notting Hill Gate, a right moody bugger who can’t stand coppers, is the solution. However handsome he is.


Six months after returning to the A squad, Ray Doyle still feels that Cowley is playing it soft. Afterall, a babysitting job in Paris should be given to the B squad, even with Bodie at his side Ray is sure that Cowley is done with them. What could go wrong in Paris?

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