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BB 2017: Gently They Fall - merentha13

Title: Gently They Fall
Author: merentha13
Artist: mella68
Artist: loxleyprince
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes, please!
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Doyle/Bodie, George Gently, George Cowley
Word count: ~ 14,523
Warnings: I have ever so slightly bent the time-space continuum so that these characters could play together *g*

Summary: Detective Constable Raymond Doyle was put into an undercover operation to bring to light the extent of the corruption in the Met Drugs Squad. It cost him dearly. As CI5 Agent Raymond Doyle, he is asked by the DCI of a new task force to give it another go. Doyle is willing, Cowley is miffed and Bodie is not happy.

Notes: Big thanks to macklingirl, shooting2kill and anna060957,for beta-ing, brit-checking, plot reviewing and test-reading. You were all a tremendous help!

And of course, thanks to my two terrific artists mella68 and loxleyprince!

And a big THANKS to all my fellow mods for a great job on the Pros Big Bang!! We survived another one, mates!!

Link to Fic: Fic Master Post/Gently They Fall
Link to Art: Art Master Post/Loxleyprince-Gently They Fall
Link to Art: Art Master Post/mella68-Gently They Fall
Tags: stories and art 2017

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