Fairey Fox (agent_talis) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,
Fairey Fox

Art for The Things You Need Come Slow, by Krisser

Title: Art for the Things You Need Come Slow
Author: Krisser
Artist: Fairey Fox (Agent_Talis)
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Bodie/Doyle
Warnings: None

Summary: Six months after returning to the A squad, Ray Doyle still feels that Cowley is playing it soft. Afterall, a babysitting job in Paris should be given to the B squad, even with Bodie by his side Ray is sure Cowley is done with them. What could go wrong in Paris?

Notes: Yay! I made it! This story is wonderful, it's cute and sweet and like a fluffy jumper. Thanks so much for writing it, Krisser! Thank you also to the Mods, you've been awesome.

Link to art: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12348873

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