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Pros Big Bang 2017 : Story - Chaser by Snowhite

(posted here with permission from author)

Title: Chaser
Author name: snowhite44
Artist name: krisserci5
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 28533
Warnings: NC-17
Archive prolib:yes
Summary: When William Bodie, former SAS captain and now a highly respected crisis negotiator, is hired to negotiate the release of kidnapped champion steeplechase jockey, Raymond Doyle, he embarks on a path that will lead from an American mafia family to the very highest echelon of the British aristocracy. Along the way he uncovers a decades old scandal and finds himself pulled into Ray Doyle’s quest for revenge.

Notes: This story began 20 years ago as a salute to the incomparable Dick Francis. (His novel “The Danger” was the inspiration for the story.) As one of the longer works-in-progress in the fandom, it is partly through the urging of Krisser and PFL that it is finally completed.

Special thanks to my terrifically talented editor, Ellis Ward. She was in on the beginning of the story and wanted to see how it turned out. Thanks, too, to Gale Good – beta reader extraordinaire.

Thanks to my artist, Krisser for making if feel like Dick Francis cover.

Link to Fic: Fic Master Post
Link to Art: Art Master Post
Tags: stories and art 2017

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