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Pros Big Bang 2017: One-Way Ticket

Title: One-Way Ticket
Author: murphybabe
Artist: merentha13
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Slash
Characters/Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word count: 20343

Summary: There’s a shipping container full of dead bodies, a missing container full of guns and ammunition and an exotic Cuban courtesan that all need looking into.  During the investigation, Doyle discovers a bit more about Bodie’s past, Bodie discovers that there are times when he really should listen to Doyle, Cowley knows more than he lets on, and old friends – and foes – get more than they bargained for.

Notes: This is the third fic in my MoonlightMead series and was inspired by a friend of hers singing Vagabonds by New Model Army at her memorial service. Mead never got to read this, obviously, but I could feel her going ‘Yum!’ over my shoulder as I was writing about Doyle beating up Leon’s goons *g*  Here's a link if you're interested:

Many thanks to my beta and medical consultant, cornishcat, who apart from spotting massive errors in the plot, spelling mistakes and general idiocies, saved Bodie from an untimely death and then got him back out on the streets again when I’d nearly killed him in hospital (‘It would take months to recover from those injuries.’ ‘Oh.’). She also provided invaluable knowledge about the way that doctors, Casualty and hospitals really worked. Thanks also to my wonderful artist, merentha13, who acted as a beta as well as producing the most amazing art. Not only that, but she was courageous, patient and kind enough to stick with me from last year when she could easily have declared that she was busy :) Thank you to the mods for another tremendous year, and for all the authors, artists, cheerleaders and readers who make the Big Bang happen. Thanks also to the Whitby Ladies for the final push. You know who you are.

Link to Fic:
Link to Art

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