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Welcome to the Pros BB Ideas post 2018!

This is where you can make suggestions about the stories you'd like to see in this year's Pros BB. So 'fess up, dear hearts, and tell us all about the Pros-y things you want to be reading in October. We'd love to hear your ideas, so please don't be shy!


• If you have a story prompt you’re dying to share, now's the time to air it. You can give as much, or as little, detail as you like, and all genres and pairings are welcome. It could be something simple, like:

Cowley studied Doyle. Bodie studied the floor. Doyle glared daggers at both men. "You want me to do WHAT?"

Or something a little more complicated, like:

Cowley studied Doyle. Bodie studied the floor. Doyle glared daggers at both men. "You want me and Martell to do WHAT?"

Or even a little bit of a story, like:

Cowley studied Doyle. Bodie, wisely, studied the floor. Marty Martell studied his nails, the personification of bored (if immaculately-clad) indifference. Doyle glared daggers at all of them before rounding on the CI5 controller. "You want me, Bodie, and Martell to do WHAT?" Martell rolled his eyes. "I'm as appalled as you are, dear boy, but it seems we have no other choice." Doyle's attention shifted to his partner. "And you agreed to this, yeah?" Bodie nodded, tersely. "Terrific!" Doyle snarled.

General thoughts/ideas/wishes/cravings:

• Maybe you don't have a story prompt. Maybe you just have a thought, wish, or craving you'd like to share, in which case, please post that as a comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see immortalised in Pros BB fic, vid and art this year! You never know, you might just inspire one of our BB writers!

BB writers, please feel free to take inspiration from any of the suggestions in the comments. If any particular idea takes your fancy, grab it and run!
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