loxleyprince (loxleyprince) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Pros BB Weekly Check In post

Yes, dear hearts, another week has passed and it's time for a Pros BB check-in.

So, how are those stories coming along? Are those stories coming along? I think we should be told!

Have you been inspired by the recent Royal Wedding? I reckon an event like that would have a lot of intrigue/mayhem/plot potential for a Pros BB story (and as Prince Charles and Lady Di got married in 1981, their wedding would even have been contemporary with our lads...)

Just saying! *g*

On the Mod Squad front, we're still a little short of artists and vidders for this year's BB, so if you'd like to make one of our lovely BB writers very happy - please sign up by following this link to the Artists and Vidders Sign Up Post. Go on! You know you want to! :-)
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