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Pros BB 2018 Artist Claiming Post

For our artists, now is when you get to claim the story you'd like to work on for the 2018 Pros Big Bang, and here's how you do that:-

First, click on the cut and read the story summaries. Not all the summaries have titles but they are all numbered.

Then, please comment to this post using the following format:

First Story Choice:
Second Story Choice:
Third Story Choice:
Fourth Story Choice:
Willing to pinch hit?:

While you will only be working on one story, giving us your top four choices will hopefully minimize the odds of our having to re-contact you as we work through the comments matching artists with stories.

The comments on this post are screened, so your mods are the only ones who will see them. If you have any questions, you can let us know via a comment. (Note that if you edit your comment, it unscreens it - so if you have to make a change to your comment, please re-screen it afterwards by clicking on its "eye" icon.)

We will send you the rough draft of your story selection and your writer's email addie ASAP.

1. Three’s Company

Bodie & Doyle are semi-retired, living under the same roof on the South Coast and cross paths with a mysterious Canadian called John Tremblay. John is injured and they take him in, providing medical care, but Bodie is suspicious as there is something about the man that doesn’t stack up. As John recovers, Bodie spends time with him and starts to probe John for answers, but doesn’t discover anything conclusive. A series of events sets Doyle on a path of reminiscing, filling in the story between when the Professionals TV series ended and 2012 and they also discover that John is really Jack Bauer, ex special-forces, ex Counter Terrorist Agent and now a fugitive. Feeling an affinity with Jack, both Bodie and Doyle, along with Cowley (who is physically frail, but as sharp as ever) help prepare him to go after a master criminal called Karl Rask (character from 24 LAD) that Cowley has been keen to see brought to justice for some time.
Notes: Older Lads story set in 2012. Crossover with 24 (US Drama)

2. Parsing the Sentence

In an Alternate Universe Great Britain, Parliament enacted laws promoting bond slavery to decrease overcrowding in prison and increase the menial work force. Constable Doyle is crusading against corruption in the London Met when he is framed, and sent to prison. George Cowley wants to roust those supporting the inhumane laws, and pays Doyle’s bond to get in with the unsavoury mobsters. Pairing Bodie and Doyle, he uses them to dig deeply into the rot. What will this do to their burgeoning attraction?

3. Untitled

For reasons which are crystal clear to Doyle, and about as clear as mud to Bodie, Doyle does a moonlight flit. Estranged from CI5, Doyle sets about dismantling his life, eradicating everything Raymond Doyle had ever been - or had ever aspired to be. Only when it appears there is nothing left of his old oppo, does a chance encounter give Bodie any clue as to why.
Notes: Bessie Mates - Gen

4. Untitled

George Cowley is a man different from men. Dour and steely, his morals are clearly defined and often on the side of the angels, and he has put himself into the service of the government of the country that he holds dear. Life has taught George Cowley that motives and tactics are two very different things. Serving his government, and combating threats against it, often mean doing things that can break the strongest of men. So George Cowley creates the perfect man: a soldier who can carry out commands without qualms, and never be troubled by anything as messy as a conscience. He would control it as its commander, and ensure that it would never know of its origins. His experiments and tests are successful, and his being comes to life. It is tested through military services, then folded into Cowley’s own organization, CI5. But something is off. The creature is strong and fit, performs will under pressure, but it’s... lacking something. A challenge to push it further, bring out the best of its abilities. And so George Cowley goes into the laboratory once more, to bring to life a second being to act as a foil to the first one.

5. The Arduous Ordeal of the Abominable Progenitor

Mr Bodie's past could put his future in jeopardy.
Notes: A Steampunk Victorianish AU.

6. Balanced on the Edge of Autumn

Fast approaching forty, Doyle is questioning his fitness. A series of missteps on the job brings home the thought that he might be forced off the streets. Confusion about his relationship with Bodie adds to his worries. When Bodie is hurt on an op, Doyle has to seriously consider his, and their, future.

7. Seeing is Believing

Doyle is now a famous suspense writer while Bodie has a severe disability. They meet one day and Doyle helps Bodie, who is in London after several years’ absence. Doyle wants to use Bodie’s expertise in foreign intelligence work in his novels, but Bodie’s severe disability is a major barrier to the two men working together and possibly moving their relationship further into the realm of intimacy. Can Bodie overcome his disability so that the two men can move on with their lives?
Notes: This is not a CI5 story, but there are elements of CI5 included.

8. The Decoy Groom

World famous actor, William Bodie, is as determined to marry his fiancé in a private ceremony as is the paparazzi to spread photos of the nuptials on every newspaper in the universe.

9. The Operator

Sergeant Charlie Duffy appears at CI5 on a Moto Guzzi Le Mans motorbike hoping to avoid a face to face meeting with ex Sergeant Bodie knowing full well it will be unlikely, as CI5 are tasked with assisting the undercover Army operative deal with an IRA cell in London. It appears that Charlie and Bodie have history - their paths have crossed in the past on more than one occasion. Can they work together or will their history blow the operation wide open? Last time the two saw each other was with one severely injured in the back of an Army helicopter in Belfast three years previously. Both are hard headed and stubborn each blaming the other for events in their shared past.
Notes: The story follows the background/history to their relationship and Doyle finally learns some of the reasons why Belfast is a closed book as far as Bodie is concerned. Events conspire to throw the main characters together and they face an uncertain future, with stress and heartache to come. During the flashbacks we learn how events in the past have shaped the people today. We learn things about Charlie and Bodie as well as how Keller came to take a bullet for Bodie.

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