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Weekly Check-in and a reminder about our AO3 collections

Hi there to our writers, artists and vidders. Now that you've been matched hopefully you've been in contact with each other. Best wishes to you all in producing your finished product for our big reveal. :-)

Speaking of reveals - if you post your work to the Archive of Our Own, you can join it up to our Box of Tricks Collection. This year's collection has been set up, ready for later, and if you'd like to bookmark that, feel free. It's not obligatory, but it's handy-dandy way of making sure that your fanworks are easily found and related to the bigger picture too.

Our 2018 Collection

If you feel like browsing through previous Big Bang stories, then the main page is here:

Big Bang Main Page

If you'd like to add your story/art for prior Pros Big Bangs to previous years’ collections please feel free - the more the merrier. Just open your story in edit and scroll down to the “associations section.” Where it says “post to collections/challenges” enter one of Pros_Big_Bang_2010, Pros_Big_Bang_2011, Pros_Big_Bang_2012, Pros_Big_Bang_2013, Pros_Big_Bang_2014, Pros_Big_Bang_2015, or Pros_Big_Bang_2016, depending on which year’s collection you’re adding your story to. Don't forget to click the save option for your changes.

If you want to let us know about your progress - well, this is the check-in post.
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