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Fiction: Three's Company

Title: Three's Company

Author: bodie24

Artist: krisserci5

Genre: Gen

Characters: Ray George Cowley, Jack Bauer

Warnings: Non PC language & some swearing. Spoilers for 24

Wordcount: 129,893

Summary: Bodie & Doyle are semi-retired, living under the same roof on the South Coast and cross paths with a mysterious Canadian called John Tremblay. John is injured and they take him in, providing medical care, but Bodie is suspicious as there is something about the man that doesn’t stack up. As John recovers, Bodie spends time with him and starts to probe John for answers, but doesn’t discover anything conclusive. A series of events sets Doyle on a path of reminiscing, filling in the story between when the Professionals TV series ended and 2012 and they also discover that John is really Jack Bauer, ex special-forces, ex Counter Terrorist Agent and now a fugitive. Feeling an affinity with Jack, both Bodie and Doyle, along with Cowley (who is physically frail, but as sharp as ever) help prepare him to go after a master criminal called Karl Rask (character from 24 LAD) that Cowley has been keen to see brought to justice for some time.

Older Lads story set in 2012. Crossover with 24 (US Drama).

Notes: Thanks to krisserci5 for her artwork and for my excellent Betas, merentha13and tango65

Link to Story: Story Master Post (With Artwork)

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