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Art for SMOKE AND MIRRORS by CI5mates

Title: Art for SMOKE AND MIRRORS by ci5mates
Artist: loxleyprince
Author: ci5mates
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes please 
Genre: Gen
Characters: Bodie, Doyle 
Warnings: None

Summary as provided by the author: Doyle is saddened when told of the suicide death of an ex-colleague, a good friend. Then, some months later, when he thought he had come to terms with the loss, he receives an anonymous tip which raises unanswered questions about her death. Against Cowley’s express orders, Doyle drags his reluctant partner along on a wild goose chase, but when he gets too close to the truth, his own life is threatened while Bodie is napping.

Notes: HUGE thanks to ci5mates for the wonderful story that inspired this art. You've been an absolute delight to work with, dear! :-) 

Link to Art: Art Master Post
Link to Story: Story Master Post

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