GiseeRouchon (giseerouchon) wrote in ci5_boxoftricks,

Art for 'The Long Trick' by Fiorenza_a

Title: Art for 'The Long Trick' by Fiorenza_a
Artist: giseerouchon
Author: fiorenza_a
Archive to Pros Lib: Yes
Genre: Gen
Characters: Bodie, Doyle, Original Female Character
Warnings: None

Summary as provided by the author: For reasons which are crystal clear to Doyle, and about as clear as mud to Bodie, Doyle does a moonlight flit. Estranged from CI5, Doyle sets about dismantling his life, eradicating everything Raymond Doyle had ever been - or had ever aspired to be. Only when it appears there is nothing left of his old oppo, does a chance encounter give Bodie any clue as to why.

Notes:Thanks to Fiorenza_a for a cracking yarn. Please note that my illustrations are based entirely on the initial rough draft.

Link to Fic:Fic Master Post
Link to Art:Art Master Post

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