February 2nd, 2010

fic for shoe money

Prompt Post for the 2010 Pros Big Bang

Do you fancy participating in the Pros Big Bang without all the work? Do you have more ideas than you have time to write? Well, here’s your chance to leave some plot bunnies for others to give a home to. Potential scribblers, artists, and cheerleaders alike, we’d like you to think about those Pros stories you’d love to see written...

Wanna push Bodie off a cliff? Off a scaffold? Off a spaceship?

Want Doyle to have amnesia? A deadly illness? A mysterious past?

And then of course, there’s the angst and the drama and the witty banter, the rescue and the comfort and the hurt and the... Oh, you all know how this goes!

So please:

1 Leave as many prompts as you want.

2 Make them as detailed or as vague as you wish.

3 AUs and Crossover prompts are more than welcome.

4 No one has to jump in and claim anything – this is a free-for-all to get those creative juices flowing!

Some examples to get the ball rolling:

I’d like to see Bodie and Doyle retire to run a country pub. Then one day Cowley walks in..

The Doctor ( Nine? Ten?) and/or Captain Jack show up in 1980s London..

How about something in the nature of ‘Master and Commander’? With Bodie as the Captain and Doyle as the good doctor..?