February 13th, 2010

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The First Check In Post

Welcome to our first regular check in post for the Pros Big Bang challenge. We'll be doing a weekly check in until the writer sign-up deadline, February 28, and then moving to biweekly posts as we all get down to the business of writing Pros.

This is the post where you can chat with fellow participants, betas, and cheerleaders. Let us know how your story is coming. Bemoan the fact that you haven't got a plot, or that you have too much plot. Request background information that will help you get started. Cheer on others taking part in the challenge. And just generally have fun.

If you haven't officially signed up yet, the various posts are here:

Writer Sign-Up Post
Artist/Vidder Sign-Up Post
Prompt Post
Beta Sign-Up Post
Cheerleader Sign-Up Post

And to get all of you writer types thinking, here's a survey to start us off:

Poll #1525065 Pros Big Bang Goals

What is your word count goal for your big bang story?

12,500 words. No more, no less
20,000 words. I'm feeling slightly ambitious.
50,000 words. I'm feeling slightly more ambitious.
1000,000 words. Why yes, I am insane. Why do you ask?