February 26th, 2010

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Check In and Nudge Post

This is no ordinary check in post. This is the post where, if you haven't signed up for the challenge already, we nudge you to do so. Remember, the deadline for writers to sign up is February 28. That's this Sunday, folks! (We'll make the ultimate deadline midnight PST, to make sure that last fan on the Pacific coast of North America has one last chance to get in.)

And for those of you who have signed up, why not share your reasons for taking part in this madness with those who are sitting on the fence. Or tell us how far you're coming with your story. Or not. (Your humble mod is in the "or not" category at the moment, so feel free to fess up your own lack of progress.)

If you haven't officially signed up yet, the various posts are here:

Writer Sign-Up Post  Deadline: February 28
Artist/Vidder Sign-Up Post  Deadline: May 28

The other posts have absolutely no deadlines, and how awesome is that!
Prompt Post
Beta Sign-Up Post
Cheerleader Sign-Up Post