March 2nd, 2010

fic for shoe money

Participating Writers for the Pros Big Bang

And here you are in all your glory..:

Ailcia, Erushi, Squeeful, PFL, Mikey, PR Zed, Draycevixen, Sineala, Aerye, The Hag, Angelfish, SAC, Dawnebeth, lbc, JoJo, Callisto, JGL, Andromeda, Liriel, Caro Dee, Jaycat, Krisser, Moth2fic, Ravenstone, Ice Bear, KWS, Fictionwriter, Ankaree, Verlaine, Zana, Hambel, Sarah K.

A terrific list of writers, so a HUGE thank you to all.

We’ve got until the 28th June for the rough drafts and story summaries, so plenty of time for us all to gather together to sweat and panic get creative.

And to help you out of the starting gate, roguemouse has some excellent Big Bang icons up for grabs. She made them for this year’s Supernatural Big Bang, but there are plenty of general ones for use in any Big Bang. And she has icons for Readers, Cheerleaders, Writers, Artists, etc.

2010 Big Bang icons

So, without further ado, and in the words of the icon..

Let the insanity begin!!!!