March 27th, 2010

fic for shoe money

Another Check-in and Nudge Post

Have you started your Big Bang story yet?

Yup, I'm up and scribbling - finally!
Hate me now, y'all, because that baby is wrapped and DONE!
Not yet, but I know what I'm going to do. Really, I do. I promise, cross my heart..
Does a seven-page outline count?
Bang the what now?

Okay, now for the request.

Can you give us one or two sentences from what you’ve scribbled so far? Something to get your fellow cheerleaders, artists and scribblers excited about what you're up to, and to get you excited about what everyone else is doing. No explanations or plot summaries, please – don’t want to get too spoilery – just whet our appetites a little, okay??
(Complete spoiler phobes might want to skip this..)