June 3rd, 2010

Heat and the Golli

Here's a brief converstion from my story

Somebody said that I should post some lines, so here it is:

Bodie to Doyle: "I don't need you beggin' for me, sunshine. As a matter of fact, the Cow . . . Mr. Cowley has offered me the position of head of the new, mobile unit that is to deal with counterterrorism all over this island. So you see, I don't need you or Townshend's measly leavings."

Doyle: "What do you mean the Cow has offered you control over a new unit? When did he tell you this? Why you been hidin' it from me? I'm over the hill 'cause I'm going to be forty so you go behind my back and make plans without me?"

B: "That's rich. Talk about goin' behind a person's back. You've been cosying up with Townshend all week and he just happens to offer you a job. What's it goin' to be, something in the horizontal position?"

D: "Just what do you mean by that?"

B: "Don't tell me you're going to deny it. I've seen the way Sir Jeremy has been perusin' your arse al week. He took one look at you and decided that he wanted you."

D: "He offered me a job as assistant and bodyguard and I intend to . . . well think about it."

B: "Yeah, I bet that nice pay rise and whatever else he's got lurkin' in those eyes of his will really add to your benefits. Well, count me out; I want nothing to do with the whole sordid affair."