June 26th, 2010

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  • przed

The Rough Draft Housekeeping Post

You've finished your rough draft, and you've polished your summary. What do you do now? What follows are a few simple instructions on how to submit your Pros Big Bang rough draft.

First, you need to create two separate files, one for the rough draft, and one for the summary. You should use the following naming convention for the files:

  • prosbigbang_roughdraft_yourname.doc
  • prosbigbang_summary_yourname.doc

    So my two files would be called prosbigbang_roughdraft_przed.doc and prosbigbang_summary_przed.doc.

    A note on file format. We'd prefer to get the files in Word's .doc format, though we will take .rtf or .txt files. If you have one of the latest versions of Word, please make sure you're saving to .doc, NOT .docx.

    Next, you send the two files to both me, przed, and callistosh65 at the following addresses:

  • callisto65 at gmail dot com
  • przed at rogers dot com

    The file are due by midnight, June 28, PST.

    And that's pretty much it.

    If you have questions, we can be reached at the above addresses. (I'll be a bit more accessible than Callisto for the next few days.)

    The minimum requirements for the rough draft and summary can be found here.

    Once we have everyone's entries, we'll be stripping out the identifying information and posting the summaries for the artists to claim from on July 5.

    Good luck, everyone. We're very much looking forward to seeing your stories.